Thursday, April 12, 2012


~Ms Tax Lady got back to me quickly this time and was a bit snippy. Plus she did not provide all of the information I asked for. Well, fuck her. I'll get that out of the Tax Assessor's office.

Nothing else in e-mail. Nothing new on Kern Courts. Ain't checked snail mail yet. I'll do that in a bit when I go pick up my Happy Pills.

Starting to think about dealing with this shit made my guts twitch. At least they didn't knot. I expect I'm gonna fuck off until Monday, unless there's some 'major development'. That'll include calling Her Son The Lawyer as well.

Honestly, I really don't feel up to dealing with any of this. I will of course. Better than just letting it hang. That takes a different toll. Le-Le's...

That's where I had gotten to at around half twelve this afternoon when there was a knock on the door. It was the aforementioned Major Development and I could tell by the sound the knock.

It was The Ambulance Chaser's legal assistant. He jumped back a bit when I came out. I wasn't coming at him. I just did want any feline escapees. But he's maybe 5'6 and 140lb and I move fast and tend to loom. He served us [well, Le-Le] court papers. I looked them over and asked if they had paid the property taxes. I believe I smiled a bit. He stammered that he didn't handle that stuff and I let him go on his way. He was mighty nervous. *snerk*

Good thing I answered. I think Le-Le might have clobbered him. lol She was fucking pissed, I mean pissed. Beyond the We're Taking You Court part, the papers were just a re-hash of the same old shit. That her case is still weak is irrelevant to the Ambulance Chaser. He gets paid one way or another,

I could not find the case number listed on Kern Courts, so I drove up to Mojave to check it out. Seems there's a law that keeps case filings secret for 60 days to prevent ambulance chasers from trawling for clients.

Then I headed down to our lawyer in Lancaster and give him the 411. He was disappointed in this development, but not surprised. He had a kind of 'They never learn' expression. We talked a bit. He is also bemused as to why the property taxes are on Le-Le's credit report. There's a good chance we may be able to get out from under them. *crosses fingers*

I also told our lawyer and his 'gal Friday' that regarding any paperwork that needed delivering and/or filing I was ready and able to run around doing such. That will save money and expedite matters. It'd also give me something do besides waiting some more.

For now however...we get to wait some more. *sigh* That's the way this shit rolls. Slowly.

And there ya have it....

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