Friday, April 20, 2012


~Yesterday I swooped and zoomed up and down between Depression and Rage. I finally slept it off for the most part between 1am and 5am. That cycle is still dogging me a bit, but by and large I'm stabilized for now.

It was all 'situational' of course. The Housing Issue is central, but there is actually a larger issue here which is even more depressing.

That Woman has proclaimed herself for decades to be a Progressive and a Champion of Social Justice. She joined the Peace Corps at 64 and last year went down to Mexico to volunteer at an orphanage.

But in the crunch she lapsed into the worst type of tribalism, totally refusing to look at the real culprit in the matter – The Note Holder – because they go to the same synagog, going straight to obfuscation and legal terrorism as fast as any Republican Plutocrat and with all of their self justification.

That she is economically oppressing a disabled woman on a fixed income with a life threatening, physically disabling disease never enters into her mind. She wants her money. That she lost her money by getting involved in a national Ponzi scheme also never enters her mind. The Note Holder is a Righteous Jew and would never cheat anyone, at least not a fellow Jew.

That is, in microcosm, why I have no faith in the survival of The Republic. I strongly suspect much of Occupy would behave in the same fashion. The American Middle Class is self obsessed, fickle and myopic. It fully deserves the ass fucking it is presently getting.

All this has been tiring and will continue to be so for the next number of months. As I have said, I can sleep it off. It's Le-Le that I worry about. If anything happens to her...

...well, that is best left unspoken. Those who know me can piece it together.

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