Thursday, September 29, 2011


~I'm wondering if we're both 'fighting something off'. Each of us has been tired and neck achy for days now, with 'sinus issues'...but not laid up. That we take lots of supplements and assiduously follow the House Rule “When you're tired, lay down”, may account for this 'sorta' state. However, we've both been sleeping more than usual and feeling kinda beat.

Or maybe it's just some delayed stress reaction. Or a combination. Dunno....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Her Prophet Whines

~RE The Explanation Blogspot: Two days ago I finally inputted the text to the empty upgrade posts I created a week and half earlier. [that statement made my think in both Gregorian and Matriarchal Calendar terms lol] Been kinda fucking off ever since.

However I do need to get myself back on InWorldz. Le-Le has set aside an entire tier for us to build a virtual model of the First Karaal hydropolis I speak of in Part Four: “The Temple's Tactical Initiatives”. I really suck at being in Vert and am stressing out about that. But it is a great way to show what we envision and I can use screen -caps of it to illustrate the X-Plan book.

At least this comp can handle Vert now. Just gotta push through....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


~Some days I miss New York. Some days I miss LA, too. But I'm not sure if I could really live for any length of time in either of those places anymore. I've become happily used to the quiet of the High Desert. Even here in the middle of a mobile home park, it is a lot quieter than at my lovely Section 8 one bedroom on 6th Street in Santa Monica, which was the nicest place that was 'just mine' that I've ever had.

I suppose with a substantial amount of money I could 'make do'. I grew up in a five story brownstone on Manhattan's East Side and it was very comfy and pretty quiet, too. Of course, the family owned the whole thing. And Hotel Hell, the Rent's sixteen room house in Beverly Hills was [is] comfy and quiet – except when there was screaming and such.

But I cannot really project that I'll be able to deploy that kind of bread just for myself even if The Temple becomes a Big Deal. The Sisterhood will always have to come first. And I suppose that's okay. I can always visit.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nebs Gets Angry

~I was going to write a post about the possible SoCal grocery workers strike and how I had to cross the picket lines last time because I was homeless and that the whole fucking thing seems to turning on healthcare costs but I'm sick of fighting with Libertarian sociopaths over this shit and will spend the energy working on The Explanation instead.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


~My tum has been wobbly since yesterday morning, ouchy-gassy and vaguely nauseous. Not debilitating, just 'eh'. It sorta comes and goes. I'm thinking it's likely stress related. I've been pushing myself with these two new Addenda since last week after a particularly stressful month.

Then there was the lovely triple-month phone bill from AT&T Le-Le shared with me on Monday. [the result of 'consolidating accounts to save money'..they nail you up front first, the fuckers] That has fucked a whole set of plans for this month.

And Saturday it'll be eight years since shit blew up at Hotel Hell, an old wound that still 'aches when the weather changes'. I suspect I'm gonna take that one with me to my grave.

*sigh* Feel like I'm just whining, though I know I need to let this shit out or it will take me to said grave sooner rather than later...yadda yadda yadda...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Her Prophet Speaks

"Perhaps the most common theme in Human history is that what is first thought of as ridiculous almost always become ubiquitous, a Lesson which we shall in due course Teach The World about our New Matriarchy."

Monday, September 12, 2011


...hand written at around four o'clock yesterday afternoon...

~Slept long and hard. Weird dreams of course. A miniseries mash-up of “Escape From New York”, "Schindler’s List” and “Gattica” as directed by Albert Brooks. Went on forever. Wild boars down in the subways, red eyes glowing and reindeer antler tusks. Very Christmasy. Hitler asking a room full of Jewish grandmothers to forgive him and then getting crushed in a group hug. An uber shiny West L.A. Atomic Style future where children were referred to as 'bio-plushies'...

That's all I wrote. Got distracted by other things. I have other hand written pages that need typing as well. They're gonna wait, too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Decade [from LJ]

~I don't feel like saying much about this day. The tsunami of Tragedy Porn vomiting endlessly across every media platform disgusts me and the idea of adding to it I find repulsive.

I do however have a few things to share. The events of ten years ago unleashed a tremendous amount of psychic energy. It was palpable and I found myself feeding upon it, not to wallow in grief and rage like everyone else seemed to, but to channel my energy into opening doors.

Exactly two weeks later, Nebris was born when I created this journal. Roughly another two weeks after that E revealed The Pentavalent to me. Both were results of all that newly released energy.

I feel some days like I'm now more Nebs than that Daly fella. And The Pentavalent and all that has grown from it is what my entire present life is about. Indeed most of what and whom I have in my life these days comes through them.

There is more, but I'm going to leave this at that and take a nap....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Her Prophet Writes

~As I mentioned a few days back, I am doing a major edit on The Explanation. I'm pulling the old Addendum C [Her Prophet Sez It 'Brooklyn Style']. It's kinda cute, but over time it hasn't sat well with me. I'm replacing it with the new Addendum C [The Individual and The Hive], which is about as far away from 'cute' as I can get. You'll note it's stuck all the way over in my DW 'The Temple' account. It's gonna marinade there for a few days.

The thing does make me twitchy. It's a real serious Mosaic barn burner of a piece, one of those that flow out of me when 'The Fire Is Upon My Spirit' but frankly embarrasses me later when I read it in a 'normal head-space', whatever the fuck that is. But I Know that there is Truth there, so I just go with it.

I'm also shifting the present Addendum D [The Temple's Flag] back to becoming Addendum E to make way for Addendum D [The Matriarchal Calendar], which is still being written. In fact, once I post this, I'm going back to work upon that. Of course this will mean I'll have to repost the entire Explanation in it's Blogspot, but such are the burdens of being Her Prophet. They should all be so 'tough'.

And so it is....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nebs Sez [9/11 Trutherism]

"No radio controlled aircraft. No secret demolitions. That's all Hollywood fantasy bullshit. Too expensive, too manpower intensive and far too complicated. Too many moving parts that could fuck up and too many mouths to shut afterward. That's not how real Intel-Ops work.

We have plenty of people who hate our fucking guts and often for good reason. All that was really required was to 'leave the door open'. Shift resources and manpower away from Anti-Terrorist Ops. Ignore all the warning signs. And then just wait.

Bu$hCo was probably expecting something at best on the scale of Oklahoma City. That would have been sufficient for their purposes, the full implementation of The Corporate State. What they got was beyond their wildest dreams and I suspect actually overwhelmed them. It certainly fueled their hubris.

But anyway...I suspect that when the various 9/11 Truther rumblings began, Langley simply sent some of its people to feed to them and muddy the waters with more Hollywood fantasy. It provides a great cover for the simple truth of the original Op and discredits an entire sector of the govt's critics.

There is also a racist subtext to this concept. That there's no way a dozen or so 'sand niggers' could hurt America this badly. A secret US Govt cabal with High Tech goodies is far more comforting. 'They' could never ever do this to us; we're far too strong and special. So we must have done it to ourselves."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quote of The Day

"There is no such thing as Democracy, never was, never has been, except in temporary fleeting moments. If you and three friends discuss where to eat lunch, then, come to agreement and go there, democracy existed for the few brief seconds when you all decided. Democracy is just another smokescreen tool for fooling the masses into thinking "someone else" is not in control." ~Vincent Tabacco