Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Which Her Prophet Explains The Temple Of The Pentavalent

"I am not an Atheist. I am not a Pacifist. I am not a Liberal. I am a madman from the desert who has been given the Vision of a Global Amazon Republic founded upon and operated through a Revealed Feminist Spirituality that worships The Goddess in all of Her Aspects and every single day I do something that brings the manifestation of that Vision closer to fruition. That such will mean the end of me and my brothers is of no concern to me as I Know when the time comes we shall all Ride The Wheel back here to live as Sisters among Sisters."

"Starting a real Spiritual Movement requires Revealed Knowledge; that's just how them sumbitches work. Trying to use 'reason' or 'logic' to do so is just blowing smoke up your own ass or extracting said outta same."

~This entry itself will serve as a 'portal post' in all of my various blogs. The links below are self explanatory. There is a final entry after [to be determined] that serves as a 'transit post' with links that will take you back to the blog from which you started.

Note: The Explanation is over 20,000 words long and is pretty dense material, so give yourself time to read it.

Up-Date on 8/29/09: The Explanation is presently undergoing a major revision and expansion in preparation for publishing in book form. However, the content here is still entirely valid and should be read as such.

Her Prophet Explains: "Preface"
Her Prophet Explains: "The Introduction"
Her Prophet Explains: Part One - "Her Prophet"
Her Prophet Explains: Part Two - "The Temple's Metaphysics"
Her Prophet Explains: Part Three - "The Temple's Grand Strategy"
Her Prophet Explains: Part Four - "The Temple's Tactical Initiatives"
Her Prophet Explains: Part Five - "The Trikona”
Her Prophet Explains: Part Six - “Stories and Works”
Her Prophet Explains: Part Seven - “Summation”
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum A
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum B
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum C
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum D
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum E

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