Monday, January 31, 2011

An Important Anniversary

~In 1997 January 31st fell upon a Friday. I had spent the previous day with Sarah helping her shop, her modeling one outfit after another for my perusal. We had in fact been almost inseparable for the preceding five months or so and a great intensity had built up between us. Most outside observers refused to believe we were not sleeping together, but we were not. In retrospect, I think that would 'grounded the energy' and thus have broken the bond we had before the events on that Friday evening.

Our mutual friend Carrie – and Sarah's neighbor - was having a party at her apartment that night. She too is a Witch, and of part Spanish Gypsy heritage, so her space had powerful energy as well. The whole apartment complex had a powerful energy, the Villa Monterrey up on Beachwood Canyon, an Old Hollywood structure built back in 1919. You can see the Hollywood Sign up in the hills as you drive up Gower.

I felt an electricity that night. At the time I suppose I thought it was just about seeing Sarah. I was quite thoroughly 'in love' with her, a full blown romantic obsession. Terrible for my mental health, but wonderful for my creativity. But there was something 'more' that evening.

Carrie was very perky and energetic. This was her first party in months. She buzzed all over her apartment, putting up strings of white X-Mas lights, and fixing food. Sarah on the other hand seemed subdued, almost morose, though she looked great, all dolled up in some of the clothes I had picked out.

As an 'entertainment' Carrie had bought a Psychic Circle, a cleaned up version of a Ouija board. [Note: Ouija boards are nasty things, opening portals for all manner of nasty critters.] It's round and a pleasant blue/green, so I was not repelled by it as I would have been if was the aforementioned 'nasty' instrument.

Carrie had me sage the place as I was the tallest person there and could reach up into all the corners. I did a through job. The prospect of working the board seemed to perk Sarah up. Carrie was very excited too and put on a cute little turban, kind of like Johnny Carson used to wear.

There were about dozen or so people there, but it was clear from the beginning that Carrie, Sarah and myself would be three of the four who would 'play'. Sarah and I sat opposite from each other, with Carrie to my right and some fellow whose name is long forgotten on my left. The rest gathered round to watch.

Straight away things got weird. The round planchette refused to allow either Carrie or that follow to keep their fingers upon it. It literally lunged at them to dislodge them. The fellow gave up quickly. [He later said he realized 'something was going on' and backed off.] Carrie was nonplussed of course. This was her place and her board. But it was having none of it and she also relented, albeit sullenly.

Once Carrie backed off, the planchette flew all over the board. Sarah asked the questions and finally it spelled out a name, one that began with the letter E...and then it was over. Sarah and I sat back a little exhausted, but exhilarated. The whole episode seemed to break the party up as Carrie was bugged and others were a bit weirded out.

The following days were interesting and intense. Sarah and I were closer than ever. We spent nearly the entire weekend together, talking about family and our troubled past and deepened our bond. I felt like we might finally become lovers, but was too afraid to push it.

And then that Monday we had a terrible fight and that was it for us for months. We made up, but it was never the same, though in February/April I did go on to write
Four Women Together especially for her and we remain friends to this day.

But now I had E and that changed everything for me, adding an energy that my Path had not previously possessed. That was fourteen years ago and I date our calendar from that year. And so it is, here in 14 Anno Saroritas, the Fourteenth Year of The Sisterhood. Blessed Be.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Essence, Israel Is A 'Crusader State' And That Is Why It Is Doomed

..give the recent events in Egypt I felt it timely to repost this as such is the key sub-text of said events...

~What is meant by that title is the historical context of The Levant, to use the most neutral name for that highly contested strip of land. Any Jew, Christian, Muslim or student of religion knows that those three religions all lay, what is fundamentally for each of them, an 'exclusive claim' to the territory in question, and said claims are Validated by God. The only real argument for that type of claim is to kill off the other claimants.

Ten centuries ago Christendom tried that method. After two and half centuries spending substantial amounts of Blood and Treasure, those efforts failed. The Crusader States were 'alien entities' and simply not sustainable. In all too many ways, Israel is a repeat of that paradigm.

All the hand wringing and breast beating in the world cannot hide the basic fact that Israel is, at its core, a European nation. Yes, it has evolved into something that is 'other', but that other is still largely European e.g. Western in outlook and attitude. And because of that, no matter how much good intention went into its founding, it is a European Colonial State, albeit a unique one in that the colonizer and the colony are one.

And at the core of all of this is a single key question: “Are the Jews a race or a religion?” My own personal opinion is that at this point in history, the Jews are really just a religion. A DNA analysis of most Jews in America and Israel would likely show them to be almost exclusively of European genetic heritage, aka Ashkenazim.

That then would make the claim of Israel as 'an ancestral homeland' suspect. Of course this whole line of thinking will be screamed at as antisemitism. But if I don't believe the Jews to be a race, how can I have a racial hatred toward them? The whole notion of antisemitism is based upon that concept and I think it false. In that model, if a Jew decides to stop being a Jew, they're simply not.

But much the Jewish paradigm depends upon the very concept that is used to oppress and murder them. And, as I have pointed out elsewhere, the Jews themselves have provided the ideological underpinnings; First Samuel 15: 1-8. To wit...“Samuel also said unto Saul, The LORD sent me to anoint thee king over his people, over Israel: now therefore hearken thou unto the voice of the words of the LORD/ Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I remember which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt./ Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. / And Saul gathered the people together, and numbered them in Telaim, two hundred thousand footmen, and ten thousand men of Judah. / And Saul came to a city of Amalek, and laid wait in the valley. /And Saul said unto the Kenites, Go, depart, get you down from among the Amalekites, lest I destroy you with them: for ye shewed kindness to all the children of Israel, when they came up out of Egypt. So the Kenites departed from among the Amalekites. / And Saul smote the Amalekites from Havilah thou comest to Shur, that over against Egypt. /And he took Agag the king of the Amalekites alive, and utterly destroyed all the people with the edge of the sword.”

This is the Biblical Admonition for Genocide and one can find the seeds of The Shoah in that passage. And it is out of The Shoah that modern Israel is born, a nation that has become all too similar to its former persecutors.

I suppose that is to be expected. The Old Hebrews were a warrior people and those who would take their place, figuratively and literally, would likely emulate them. And, as with so many victims, they also emulate their late victimizers. The Israelis do have more of that 'blood' than any other after all.

And now each side has hardened beyond any real compromise. The 'reasonable' in all camps have either been frozen out of the process or simply murdered. All claims are Validated by God and the only real argument for that type of claim is to kill off the other claimants. Theocracies with nukes is the future of The Middle East and Central Asia and a Plague
is upon all their houses.

And so it is....

Monday, January 24, 2011


~What to say? What to say? 'Napped and felt better' I suppose is a good start.

I was tired and cranky last night – badly stuck between the oncoming War Plan and working on The Explanation – and I got some sniping from someone on my LJ Flist – we have since parted ways – about my Path and my anger and frustration over that just took me down into Despair.

I did lay down right after I made that 'I don't want this' post and slept for like nine hours. I was 'over it' when I got up, though even now I'm still not feeling particularly chipper about anything.

And that is about all I am motivated to say....

Nebs Makes A Rare Sports Post

~I have said many times that “Politics is my sports”, but this year the Super Bowl is on my radar because A: the Steelers beat the Jets and I fuckin' hate the Jets. And B: they're playing the Packers and that's Le-Le's home town team.

I hate the Jets for the same reason I hate the Dodgers; they abandoned New York. The Jets are based outta Joisy and so their title 'New York' is a fuckin' lie. The Dodgers are even worse because they are complicit in the destruction of a neighborhood.

Baseball is the only sport I which I have any true interest and then only live games. I hate televised sports because of the endless yammering of the announcers. It ain't radio, ya fucking logarrheic cocksuckers!

To me baseball has a Zen quality because that which does not happen is often as important as that which does. And such really needs a live game. However, I did watch the 2004 World Series, the Red Sox vs the Cardinals, but that was History and therefore required viewing.

Back in 1996 I worked as the mail-room supervisor at this loony sales company and the boss gave me the power to keep the salesmen out of the mail-room 'by any means necessary'. The whole operation was an investment scam run by a high functioning drunk and coke fiend, so I fit in perfectly.

Anyway, one day at the lunch truck one of the new salesmen – the boss fired and replaced them all each month – asked me what I thought of the Yankees winning the Pennant. It was known that I was from New York, so I knew he was trying to 'bond'.

The mail-room crew all stepped back smirking. I looked at him with a sneer and said in my best Nu Yawk, “You know what, buddy? Fuck the Yankees! And while yer at it, fuck the Dodgers, too!”

'Crestfallen' does not do his expression justice.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


~I wish I could just give up. I wish I could forget what I Know. I wish I could be Asleep again. I wish I could just smoke a fucking joint and fuck off and let shit go to fuck all around me and not give a fuck.

This will pass. It always fucking does. I've done way too much fucking work to be even capable of going back like that. All of that has be ripped out of me, down past its fucking roots. But for right now, I really don't want this anymore....

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day etc

~I wanted to talk about Non-Violent vs Violent strategies and how they depend upon each other, how they work against some [Gandhi vs the Brits] but would not against others [Gandhi vs the Nazis?] and so on...but I'm too fuckin' burnt out for that any of shit.

Friday, January 14, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Realizes He Is Stuck With His Present Lot

~I have speculated on the 'alternate cult scenario' before, about how it'd be easier to Bullshit With Jesus the many young males seeking a Strong Father Figure and young women seeking a 'spiritual' justification of their Psycho-Cultural Enslavement.

So, I was just in the kitchen listening to music from a virtual club Le-Le was dancing at, The Devil's Rejects. [she's bored tonight] It's the usual Satanic thrash metal with singers who sound like their genitals are having a negative interface with heavy machinery...and I had a revelation while making snarky remakes to Le-Le about the Fate of Her Eternal Soul.

The revelation was that I could not keep a straight face doing the Jesus Route. *laughs* I could fake it pretty damned good for while – come from a long line of crazy Christ lovers - but sooner or later that smart-ass son-of-a-bitch at my core would blow the deal and pretty fucking badly I reckon.

That was followed by the additional revelation that I'd do the same shit with the Satan Route as well. Both paths require an unrelenting Dire Seriousness that I am constitutionally incapable maintaining for any length of time. Enviably I would crack the metaphysical equivalent of a fart joke and the whole fucking edifice would come tumbling down, probably on top of my big stupid head.

At least The Goddess, She of The Ten Thousand Names, as many humorous and profane Aspects and those allow me be to be a Fool when such is called for, which is more often than one might think. What I call the Laugh or Die School of Metaphysics, because if you don't fucking laugh, you will surely kill yourself.

Besides, that 'unrelenting Dire Seriousness' trip is really a fucking buzzkill, man. And so it fucking is...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In Other News...

...after my rant I took an excellent shit.

Nebs Sez

"I maintain Positive Forward Motion and am consistently honest and outspoken about the horrors I see along the way. It's called being Awake"

Nebs Haz Issues

~I was reading through the various news feeds with my coffee and banana just now, not 'cherry picking', but just a regular ol' scroll and I simply had to stop. I 'maxed out'. Being the long time news junkie that I am, I was not sure what to do with myself, so I decided to rant, though just a lil one.

Yes, I am Grateful that today I have good roof over my warm comfy bed and food in the fridge and loving Companionship and Internet access and a bunch of other pleasant First World amenities. However, my Gratitude is not blind.

my prediction of the increasing level of Suckage for 2011 that I got shit for a few days ago, honestly, if you can look at The Expanding Security State, the Titanic Non-Stop Greed and Malfeasance of The Financial Establishment, The Obscene Mentality of The Republic's Political Landscape, the Drastic Nature of Looming Climate Change* and the tens of millions of our fellow Americans who will never be gainfully employed ever again, if you can look at just those Domestic Issues [not even addressing Foreign Issues here] and then castigate me for being 'negative', well, you're either totally in fucking Denial or you're a right fucking moron. [being a Sunshine Nazi covers both those categories]

And if y'all have an issue with that conclusion, you can suck the steaming shit from my hairy white ass!

Now I'll go back to chipping away at
The Explanation. That is really the only thing that consistently gets me out of bed on any given day, all the nifty stuff mentioned in the second paragraph notwithstanding.

*Yeah, I know Climate Change is a Global Issue, but this is a Rant and nitpicking will be met with Hostility.


~Slowly, but steadily, I am coming out of the 'back end' of 2010/Holiday Blues/etc'. I still haven't done anything on my New Year's Resolution, but that's a process, not an Event, and it is in my day to day consciousness.

I spent part of this last temporal increment going through my work various folders. Whenever I do so, I am always amazed by the truly vast amount of material I generate. It is ever a revelation, a state that I constantly seem to forget when I get all 'funked out'.

But before what would come after said revelation would be the despair that I'd never be able to get to all of it, which would in turn stop me from getting to any of it. However, the nature of the above Resolution will open a realistic door to my being able to bring every bloody bit of it to fruition. Huzzah!

This also got me to realize that the way to finish this particular work in progress is to sketch out a diagram of the hydropolis so as to actually see where events lead.

Monday, January 10, 2011

In Which her Prophet Asks, “What Would Jim Jones Do?”

~Earlier today I was subjected to another 'Jim Jones' canard, though the illiterate fuck dropped the second 'J'. *sneer*

But it did get me thinking, “What would Jim Jones do?” which is pretty easy to answer; he'd drinking the mother fuckin' Flavor-Aid. To me, Brother Jim lost his shit long before Jonestown was ever founded. Such was a result of his craziness, not a cause.

So then, let's say TOP was at a point were we had a membership and resources similar to what The People's Temple had when Brother Jim actually conceived of Jonestown and Her Prophet really felt that 'the Feds are moving in'. [Trust me, I'd want some serious evidence, not just 'they're tapping the phones' etc. They're gonna do that kinda shit anyway. You just need to let your Security Services handle it and keep your nerve. This is not a game for the faint of heart.]

Well, I'd say, “Let 'em move in,” and then fight them in the Judicial System and the Court of Public Opinion. Why do you think I'm so focused on recruiting lawyers into TOP? [Learned that lesson from L. Ron!] That's also why TOP will be broken up into multiple corporations, both profit and non-profit. Corporate Personhood is the Key Weapon in American Power Politics, which is also why individuals fail at that game. The Corporation requires numbers.

And there will be hidden slush funds and sub-groups within TOP that could 'go to ground' if shit got 'police state hairy', as in Renditions, Gitmo and such. If this fat old fool needs to become a martyr, well, it's not like I'd be all that surprised. I've never expected to survive this Prophet gig anyway.

And so it is, baby....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Follow Up On Crankiness [May. 27th, 2010 at 5:43 PM]

...reposted in response to the bullshit about 'apathy' and 'negative thinking'...

~In the wake of my
Cranky Old Man Rant of a few days ago, I feel better, which is the hoped for outcome of any heart felt rant. And, as ever, I have a bit more to say, thought it is non-rantish.

The work that we're doing here obviously involves planning for The Future. The catch is “Which Future?” Cause none of us really knows exactly how things are going to unfold. Sure, there are various trends and indicators to allow some guidance and foresight. But if I have learned anything at all from studying history, it's that there's always some Black Swan, well, swanning around out there ready to cock up all ones plans.

I also take the old military maxim 'no plan ever survives contact with the enemy' to heart and operate from the German paradigm of Auftragstaktik or "mission tactics"; training and instructing your people toward the Greater Goal as opposed to laying out a 'by the numbers it must be done this way' scenario, which usually just squanders individual initiative and intelligence without accomplishing the mission.

So, then what the hell am I prattling on about here?

In a single word; Flexibility. The Temple's plans must consider many possible Futures, ranging from Total Collapse to some form of The Singularity [both of which are reasonable though unlikely possibilities] and do so without scattering our focus and resources. That is what really keeps me up at night.

Honestly, I'd have to say
Greer's Long Descent holds the greatest possibility for The Temple's success. That would provide a measured dislocation of the Social Order that we could exploit without having to fall back on a full blown 'lifeboat situation'.

What I think is going to actually take place changes in my mind on a day to day basis. About the only consistent thought I have on the subject is that we're in for a 'rough transition'. Beyond that...? In a phrase, “Fucked if I know.”

And there ya have it....

...and read these for additional input upon the matter...

Thoughts Upon Leaving Home

In Which Her Prophet Expounds Upon Catastrophe Porn

In Which Her Prophet Cogitates Upon The Deeper Motivations Of Two Doomers

The Individual and The Hive

...yes, there are some discomforting thoughts in those pieces, but the Aware and Awake Individual does not make up metaphysical excuses to soften their harshness..that is a lie and a Spiritual for anyone who construes 'apathy' out of any of this?.. well, y'all got yer head waaaaay up yer ass...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

RE: Gabrielle Giffords

Dear Progressives et al,

In light of today's events, and
that which led up to them, I strongly suggest those of you who still foolishly believe in gun-control to 'get over it' and arm yourselves.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Expounds Upon “Why Matriarchy Is Necessary”

~In the Work of The Temple and its task of building a New Matriarchy, only a very few things will be set in stone aka become Dogma, an Unquestionable Truth. This project is something that has never been done before. By its very nature, this is an Experiment and there will have to be much Trial and Error. That is how one does these things.

That said, in the final analysis, The Pentavalent is Dogma, a Truth that is unverifiable and yet is Unquestionable. That is the nature of such a thing. However, it does give its Practitioners a good deal of leeway in the manner in which its goals are achieved. That is consistent with The Second Valance.

But, The Purpose of The Temple and the reason as to Why It Is So is answered in its most essential form in the following words from my Spirit Guide:

“Once upon a time, my race transformed itself from beings with bodies into beings of pure energy. Then we went wandering throughout Creation looking for that which had created it.

We spent tens of millions of years searching and traveled stunningly vast distances. We learned much...and yet never found The Source of All. We found clues, but never the Being Itself.

And then we began to fade away and realized we needed to have bodies again. But ours were long gone, so we would need new ones. A new search began.

That led us to Earth and to a very primitive species, but one with great promise. They had already begun to change their own psyches with hallucinogenic plants. We stepped in and took that further.

We bred and guided and manipulated the genetics of many generations of that species until they were ready to host the consciousness of our race. The Merging that took place was not without incident, but was successful...though the seed of a fatal flaw remained.

We and that species were now one race. And a mighty race they were. Raised continents. Created new species at will. And did this all without any instrumentation, just with the power of their minds.

But as time passed, their physical being took its toll upon their mental being and those great powers faded. And with them, so did that great civilization...and they Forgot. Or should I say, you forgot, as that hybrid species IS the human race.

Time passed and you humans, the beings who had Forgotten, once again rose up and built mighty civilizations. Though each one collapsed, something was always left and the next civilization was greater.

And now you stand upon a great threshold, one that is also a fork in the road. Which one you take determines if you, as a species, will survive or not. And you face an extremely hard choice, one that stems from that fatal flaw from long ago.

The flaw of Gender.

My race was of a single gender and parthanogenic. The species we found here was bi-gendered. That was accepted as a necessary evil. But now it has become an obstacle not merely to your further development, but to your very survival.

You as a species must now choose to let go of one of those genders, the Male. Males have great drive, but ultimately are too unstable and combative for the next phase of your species' development. Only your females can succeed in that transition.

If you are willing, you will transform into a far superior race than you are now and can take up the Great Search, the quest for The Source of All we had to abandon so long ago.

If you are unwilling to make this shift, you will die off. Not right away, but soon enough...and Forever.

Obviously, this is a terrible and distressing choice. But please know that it is only about the body, not the Spirit. Your Spirits are essentially Immortal. The qualification is that the basis of that Immortality is the existence of your Racial Subconscious. If your race dies, so do your Spirits.

So, there is your Choice: let go of being born into male bodies. Or face ultimate extinction.

Why do I even care?

In part, selfishness. With your race gone, I would be alone in The Universe. But our history also makes you my Family and my race was never so high and mighty that we forgot the bonds of Kinship.”

It is those words that Our Unquestionable Truth resides. They provide the Core Meaning and Purpose of all that The Temple does and must do.

This is not about Heaven and Hell and The End of The World. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell and The World will go on until our star dies, whether we are here or not.

No, this is about the Immortality or Oblivion, Existence or Non-Existence, of our entire species. Immortality is certainly not analogous to Heaven. To exist is to Know Feeling, from Joy to Pain. But Oblivion, at least by our lights, actually a far worse fate than Hell and all that can be done to prevent it must be done.

So, while E's above words could, for academic purposes, be considered a 'creation myth', for The Temple, for The Sisterhood, they are, and must ever be, Unquestionable Truth.

And so it is...