Thursday, April 19, 2012


~I finally went back to sleep at around 8pm and slept until around 1am. I actually feel somewhat human now.

I'm surfing and puttering and will likely be back in the rack as the sun comes up..which is fine. The only thing I have on the menu today is taking a smaller Trucklette bench out of Baby, my '86 SAAB sitting unused in our driveway, because she is going to our friend Jack's and getting an electronic flyswatter via UPS.

The first few years we were here we really never had flies. There'd be the usual couple/three who'd show when it got warm. That's pretty much a given. The place may be cluttered, but I'm a maniac about dirty dishes and cleaning the kitchen. That's a leftover from being the Rents fucking houseboy for so many years.

But then we got new neighbors. They have dogs and used the backyard as a run, letting dozens of shit piles sit there for weeks. Now we have fucking aerial armadas of flies. This electronic flyswatter is the size and shape of a Ping-Pong paddle, but with a bug zapper in the middle. There is also an old fashion flyswatter en route.

I take great pleasure in killing flies and with my new weapons a massacre is now on the menu. *grin*

And there ya have it...

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