Wednesday, April 11, 2012


~I had these weird Star Trek: TOS/Game of Thrones mash-up dreams, ones that I was both directing and acting in. They were extensive and relentless. I've never even watched GoT, but media is saturated with the thing, so I expect I absorbed it by osmosis.

I felt all 'delicious' in bed, [Love that feeling!] very snug and comfy. But I was hungry and so I choose to get up. We don't seem to have gotten the rain yet, but the humidity is up to 71%. It was 10% when I lay down around 6pm. [slept until 1am] That helped my sleep a lot.

This gives one an idea about our so-called schedules. Le-Le slept sixteen hours yesterday, from 11am on Monday until 3am on Tuesday. I went to sleep just a few minutes after she got up and slept until 11am myself. Then back in bed at 6pm and she went down sometime between there and when I got up.

Because of her various afflictions, she needs long periods of sleep on a regular basis. Me, I switch out on my sleep cycles. There's my Up/Down Cycle; three to six hours sleep, followed by three to six hours awake, repeat. That's often followed by a ten/twelve hour sleep cycle, with three/four hours awake, then a two/three hour nap, then up for fourteen to twenty hours.

Anyway, as I said in my last Random, we're resting up for the next round, whatever it may be. Certainly The Taxman Cometh is on our menu, as is Home Loans...and Moving. [ack!] As for That Woman. et al? I suspect that's 'done', but am now fairly certain we won't know for sure unless we ask.

At this moment, I'm relaxed and mellow. I'm the only one awake in the house. Icarus and Athena greeted me as I made my coffee, but they both went back to sleep, though now that I think about it, Icarus may actually have gone back to the kitchen rear window to watch bunnies being nocturnal in our backyard.

I'm just gonna surf and then watch some crime drama....and there you have it.

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