Tuesday, November 29, 2011


~This last [standard] week was a real ratfuck. Buckets of Stress and Running. I'm only now starting to recover, though I'm still fucking fried. [which I keep typing as fired..lol]

My mind is active, but I have no extra energy to share said activity. I find that very annoying as I am a relentless egomaniacal blowhard....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Homelessness and The Temple

~I myself spent twenty two months homeless. I was fortunate that I was nine years sober at the time and had the support of someone who knew the system very well. Though I did sleep in shelters at first, I never had to sleep outside. But that was eight years ago. I doubt I would be that fortunate now.

However, that is why the following is in The Explanation, from Her Prophet Explains: Part Four "The Temple's Tactical Initiatives":

"When I really started to think about The Temple on a practical level, what first came to mind was two projects; a store front operation to help homeless and 'in need' women, and a 'human potential type' of Amazon training for women who were generally middle and upper middle class, women who were looking for something that their present lives did not give them.

I first detailed these two projects thusly:

The Temple's first project is a Women's Drop-In Center. The drop-in center would be a converted store front or other street level former business space. It would clearly be ‘faith based’ and staffed by members of The Temple trained in its operation. The Center will provide the following:

~a safe place for homeless women to be during the day
~two free meals a day, breakfast and lunch
~a mail drop
~shower and laundry facilities
~a nap room

~references to social services, to mental health and drug counseling [these reference services would also be available to non-homeless women 'in need'], and to transitional housing

The Temple's second project is the conducting of experimental women's educational workshops utilizing of the 'human potential' model, a Sisterhood Training. These workshops are focused on formulating and designing an educational training organization of several levels that will:

~be based upon a rigorous Amazon Training regimen
~foster the empowerment of women individually
~provide women with a workable model for positive social change as a group
~create a sustainable environment that heals, builds, and expands the bonds of Sisterhood

The ways in which the middle and upper middle class women could help their homeless and 'in need' Sisters are relatively obvious for the most part. But how the homeless and 'in need' women could help their better off Sisters would be to provide the lessons and opportunities for them to rigorously examine the conduct and values of their own 'comfortable' lives, to see how they are 'well adjusted to a profoundly sick society'.

Having myself lived in both worlds, I know that often one group is looked at as 'pathetic ruined victims' and the other group as 'shallow rich bitches'. But an unnerving number of those homeless and 'in need' women originally come out of the middle class, a few even from the upper middle class.

The goal here is show each of them that they are all in fact Sisters and that the course of their respective lives has largely been determined by Patriarchy and its rules regarding gender, race, and class.

What the combination of these two projects will create is a process of female centered social reintegration that is both vertical and horizontal, one that crosses and transcends all cultural and economic lines.

As time goes on, The Drop-In Center will expand into a network of temporary shelters, permanent housing, and support systems for homeless and 'in need' women, a network designed to help these women stabilize and heal their own lives and to protect those women who are too damaged to fully recover.

As time goes on, The Sisterhood Training will expand from a series of long weekend workshops into what I envision as two plus year process, a 'full immersion' training that provide an arena for women to completely transform themselves into what will effectively be Amazon Warrior Priestesses.

Of course we do not expect that the majority of the women who pass through these processes to become fully Initiated Sisters of The Temple. Only a dedicated minority of them will follow that path. But even a homeless woman who only has one bowl of soup at The Drop In Center or a professional woman who only goes to a single Sisterhood Training guest event will be touched by this process of transformation"

And then further on...

"~The Temple create a network of shelters and housing for women [for non-Temple members and not related to the residences listed above]. This will include at least one large overnight shelter with support facilities, various shelters for battered women, addicted women, and multi-year transitional living programs. We will also get into the permanent housing business, through Section 8 and/or whatever programs are available."

I have extensive notes on these shelters that I shall add to this portion of Part Four fairly soon. It's just a matter of typing and editing.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nebs Sez

"The Modern World is an Anglo-European construct. Look at any gathering of world leaders and you'll see that almost all of them, regardless of race and national origin, are wearing Western style business attire. One needs to wear that uniform to be considered Serious. Even the Saudis tend to wear suits in private meetings, basically dismissing their Arabic robes as a 'domestic political necessity'.

Now While folks like to believe that Europe, and especially England, came to dominate the world because of Innate Racial Superiority. Makes even the poorest hillbillies feel better about themselves, and yes, I'll say it; “My life may be shit, but at least I ain't no nigger.” And while they likely see Black folks in their mind when they say that, they really mean any non-White.

The reality that Europeans were for the most part simply lucky in teams of geography and history is beyond the ken of even many educated White people and a fair number of non-Whites as well. That's something that is probably psycho-emotionally impossible to give up..at least not without violence.

The flip side of all of this is that when the shoe is on the other foot, non-White peoples have behaved in the exact same fashion – 'the boot on the neck' - and I'm sure will do so again. Look at Chinese history for example. Or ask the Bantu about the Zulu.

See, we really are all the same under the skin. And it ain't pretty...."

...comment upon What Happens When Class Warriors Ignore Race?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Facebook Comment Thread...

~Placed this New York Review of Books link on my Wall: How We Were All Misled Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World by Michael Lewis Norton, 213 pp., $25.95

Dr Lamb: Excellent recommendation. I have it open in another tab right now.

Moi: I ran out of Crime Drama and had to read something serious. ;)

Dr Lamb: Dude, this is still Crime Drama. It's just that it's real-life white-collar Crime Drama.

On that note, here's a money quote: The credit wasn’t just money, it was temptation. It offered entire societies the chance to reveal aspects of their characters they could not normally afford to indulge. Entire countries were told, “The lights are out, you can do whatever you want to do and no one will ever know.” What they wanted to do with money in the dark varied. Americans wanted to own homes far larger than they could afford, and to allow the strong to exploit the weak. Icelanders wanted to stop fishing and become investment bankers, and to allow their alpha males to reveal a theretofore suppressed megalomania. The Germans wanted to be even more German; the Irish wanted to stop being Irish. All these different societies were touched by the same event, but each responded to it in its own peculiar way.

I'll repeat. "Americans wanted to own homes far larger than they could afford, and to allow the strong to exploit the weak." What do you suppose that means about us?

Moi: I'd say this is a key part of why the Occupy Movement is not likely to get too far.

Dr Lamb: Yeah, deep down, Americans like dominance and the material life too much to be very committed to equality.

On a related note, I've been reading Greer the Archdruid more lately. He thinks that the same love of the material is going to get in the way of Occupy's goals, which means it will be an issue for the Coffee Party, too.

Speaking of Greer, I can see why you two have the potential to become major spiritual rivals, something you realize but which he has no clue about--yet. He's been writing a lot about The Hologram (without ever using that term) and how it works from a magical perspective. Very enlightening, even if I have to take his hidden motives into account.

Moi: His last post got my blood up a bit as I finally realized that what he is actually doing is pushing a 'lifestyle paradigm' that is mostly personal as a Universal Paradigm.

If Greer needs to go up into the hills and breed chickens and grow veggies, that's perfectly fine. But to so strongly advocate that his Holy Hillbillyism is some kind of Great Solution is not merely egocentric bullshit; it is a formula for mass murder because only the death of literally billions would allow it to be such.

Plus there's the fucking White Arrogance on his part in thinking that we, the great US of A, after having looted the planet for three quarters of a century, that the rest of the world will even allow us to 'just go up into the hills'. As the Marines say, “Payback is a mother fucker.”

No, if The Republic does not fulfill the Great Promise of The Future we've made for so long in some reasonable fashion, White Americans at the very least will be 'made to pay'. Another reason why I push for The Sisterhood to be multiracial.

...I've been think about that latter bit for a few days now...

Oh, Dear...

~While Goddess Knows I have a fuckton of Holiday Issues, I'm beginning to suspect a more prosaic cause for my stomach upset that created so much turmoil around here in the past few days; we tapped out the fucking water filter cartridge.

The water up here, as befits a desert, is rather alkaline and unfiltered it sours my tum-tum. We've got three people under this roof at the moment and the thing has been in use for about three weeks now at least. The previous filter one has a little light that gives its status, but the faucet thread is semi-stripped [we need a new faucet too] and it kept falling off. [we've saved it for re-use]

But this means I must Face Horror and got to Lowes on fucking Black Friday! Pray for me....

Thursday, November 24, 2011


~This is one of those days when I feel like I'm just too emotionally damaged to be able to function as an average human. And yes, given how 'average humans' function, that could be considered a pretty low standard. I have thought that maybe my own standards are too high.

But either way, today I feel like a broken toy a month after X-Mas, useless and disappointing...

...and then my self pity disgusts me...

I Fucking Hate Thanksgiving

~Not only is it is a holiday based upon a lie, it is jam-packed with massive amounts of emotional coercion on both a personal and cultural level and if one rejects that coercion, then you're the fucking bad guy for being 'ungrateful'.

Well, fuck you! My family shoved this fucking thing down my throat for decades and I won't stand for that from anyone ever again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Her Prophet Writes...Or Doesn't

~I am both bored and twitchy. Working on The Explanation is something that takes up a vast amount of head-space. And that space is now empty, though the thing still echoes like mad inside my skull.

I do feel better in a 'general sense' in that I'm not experiencing Exhaustion and/or Overwhelm. And yet...

I have to let this thing that had dominated my life for years be 'done' for an undefined amount of time even though I know full well that it is not over and that it is 'out there' waiting for me, itself knowing that I will, I must, return to it in due course. *deep deep sigh*

In the meantime...what else can I say? *sits and stares at the monitor*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Open Letter To The Corporate State et al,

Dear Sirs, [as you're almost all guys]

To mix the metaphors, you have screwed the pooch and killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

You had a really sweet deal here in The Republic. A stable and secure nation with a solid industrial base and a capable population that was happy with its goodies and prepared to shed some blood from time to time to protect your overseas empire as long as you could put a proper spin on the shedding.

All you had to do was cough up some extra tax revenue, share some of your profits and do some long term investing in things like The Welfare State, National Infrastructure and Space Exploration, ya know, that Endless Resources thing that's out there.

That would not have been such a big deal. I mean, how much do any of you really need? We each can only wear one pair of shoes at a time. Or sleep in one bed at a time or drive one car and so on.

But you guys just got too greedy – truly deeply greedy – and you gutted The Republic with your financial game playing. And it IS all game playing, the childish “He who has the most toys..” bullshit you seem not to have been able or willing to grow out of.

And now even the Hipsters are in the streets and being Radicalized because you've literally dumbed down the cops as a 'cost effectiveness measure'. That use of Force will work for a while. But when millions cannot even feed themselves or their families...?

Well, guys, shit is going to get Ugly. And your gated communities and private security [mercs are historically unreliable] will not protect you from the coming fury. Note too that many of the folks you've alined yourselves with have some serious Mental and Emotional problems and would quite happily burn the lot of you alive to please their God.

Therefore, unless you really listen to some of your wiser brethren, like Mr Buffet and Mr Soros, your goose is what shall be cooked. At this point, it may be anyhow.

I confess that I am not particularly hopeful. But, as ever, more shall be Revealed...

Michael Varian Daly

..feel free to re-post this..

Sunday, November 20, 2011


~Slept some more. Applied the heating pad to my lower back, which is helping. [..it's been killing me for days..Louise Hay says that's where we hold 'money worries'..] I have a few things to say about both the promise and futility of the Occupy Movement, but I'm suppose to be fucking off today. So I'll just go back to reading my Civil War alt-history novel [the Brits come in on the Rebel side after The Trent Affair].

That is all...

Relax or Die

~Today I really need to just fucking fuck off. I pushed a little too hard yesterday. The library and the store were just about the limits of my strength. But I then forced myself to write that last Her Prophet post and that fucking fried me.

Some Trolls have called me lazy, but truth is I'm fucking Obsessive and with certain things I will push until I crash. With the aforementioned post, I felt compelled to 'wrap things up'. Even when I lay down, the fucking thing was scrolling in my head until I Faced The Page and 'expelled' it.

It's actually really hard to me to chill out, especially when it comes to writing. I'm like, “Okay, chill on The Explanation.” ~pause~ “Hey, pull the Toshiboy outta the closet and start typing!!” *sigh*

I got books and Crime Drama stacked up...and now that I'm supposed to relax, I can't.

Eh, fuck me....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Her Prophet Reflects Upon How "The Explanation" Has Progressed To Date

~There is a long and lurid history of writers having various degrees of mental breakdowns while working on their Important Projects. That ranges from simple 'emotional exhaustion' to death, usually by suicide, numerous forms of substance abuse or just plain physical collapse.

Me, I'm only suffering from the aforementioned 'emotional exhaustion'. I went back through my journals yesterday to track my progress vis-a-vis The Explanation. I noted that I started seriously working on a 'unified program' as early as Autumn of 2005, [5AS] which was just after my two years of homelessness ended.

But the first dedicated version was The First Rough Assemblage of a Temple Information Package posted on Aug 18th, 2007 [21st Octobria, 7AS]. I looked for when I actually started The Explanation itself, but it appears that happened in The Temple on the late lamented Commie Journal. However I found this post from Sept 8th, 2008 [11th Novembria, 8AS] that shows a very rough first draft of Part One and where I say “I've been working [this] on since my birthday”, which would be Aug 28th, 2008 [6th Novembria, 8AS].

So, I've been going at The Explanation for three and quarter years pretty much non-stop. And those were some rough years. Money troubles. A year and half of intense and steady Trolling, much of it functionally religious persecution, being attacked for our Spiritual Beliefs, but on a very personal level. The onset on my diabetes. And watching The Republic and The World circling the drain.

Not all that surprising that I'm so utterly burnt out.

Things are much better these days. Finances, while still not wonderful, are certainly under control. The Trolling has dropped off to near zero. They greatly underestimated us. Le-Le has serious tech skilz and I'm just too big a fucking asshole, plus 'other shit' caught up with quite a few of them. My Beetus is also under control. If I lose 30lbs, it might even 'go away'.

However The Republic and The World are more fucked than ever. America always seemed able to pull its fat out of the fire, but the greedy sons-of-bitches who run The Corporate State may have finally killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. That, more than anything else, is what has driven me to grind away at The Explanation.

But a few days ago it was like a tab just popped in my mind. I've maxed out and if I do not step back for a while, this thing may very well kill me. Heart attack most likely.

That said, here is a comment I made on that 'popped mind tab' post:

“What I said above is not in anyway a refutation of the Path I have advocated. I still believe every single word of it. Of course a New Religion is needed. No 'rational plan' will ever be able to change our path to self-destruction. It would 'die in committee'. Only some sort of Faith with a Rational Plan embedded in its epistemology has any hope of success. Only “It Is Written!” can bulldoze past the collective and accumulated bullshit.

And The Male IS The Problem. As I say in that 'fucking holy book', “So far, no one has presented a solution that will not be undermined by insistent masculine egotism. Think that through. Conceive of your paradigm and then place it into the world. What is the first obstacle that it encounters? Someones political, economic, and/or theological interest. Examine the fundamentals of that opposing interest. If you are really honest, you'll find threatened masculine ego, individually and collectively.”"

And as one Sister said, “You can't work your ass off if you kill yourself first.” So I shall relent for the foreseeable future.

I do have other work to catch up on. Jumping straight into Project X would probably be both foolish and counter productive. But I have a screenplay on my ancient laptop [a Toshiba T-3100] and Tyger said I need to get to that as the Toshiboy is degrading. I also have hard copies of two others that need to be backed up as well.

So I'll basically just type. A good semi-mindless activity that is still productive.

And there you have it...

Random Lite

~I've been just sleeping and eating and reading and watching Crime Drama and digging through old LJ posts. Off to the library in a few. I did a big WinCo run two days ago so there's plenty of grub in casa.

And that's about that for now...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Her Prophet Takes A Sabbatical

~I'm totally fucking burnt out. I have to put The Explanation not on a back burner, but in the fucking fridge until further notice. I've been working on it for nearly three years now non-stop. If I don't walk away for a good while I'm going to lose what little shit I have left and that is barely a thimble full at this point.

I'll probably dig out Project X and fuck around with that for the time being. That's been simmering in my id for a few years, so let's see what it tastes like. And if I do a halfway decent job on it, the thing could actually make me a couple of bucks.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She's Not So Tough After All

~I commented upon this post: Slutwalk Toronto Releases a Response to 'The Woman is the Nigger of the World' Sign which was about the shitstorm over this pic:

Renee asked us what we think. I said; "I think The Rulers are amused by our semiotic bickering." She didn't approve it. Oh well...

..today she's kvitching about Ablism on "Two and Half Men"..lol...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sophistic Nonsense

~I found this piece upon one of my Blog lists this morning: There is no excuse for GLBT or Cultural Appropriation

The writer said, “You may have guessed by now that I have a very little tolerance for appropriation. Recently it was revealed that an author in the m/m genre, faked a gay male identity which included paying someone to make public appearances with a fake boyfriend, writing a coming out story and writing about an instance of gay bashing. This moves beyond the concept of taking on a pseudonym for the purposes of publication and cannot be seen as anything out than outright appropriation.”

I commented; “That first example is not 'cultural appropriation'. It's a Capitalist Hoax. There is a critical difference. I'd classify things like white owned and run 'Native American' stores as Capitalist Hoaxes as well, though simply more overt.

That said...cultures 'appropriate' from each other all the time. It's what they do, and have done, throughout history, race notwithstanding. If they don't, they stagnate and die. Trying to stop that is self defeating foolishness at best and Intellectually Fascistic at worst.

That would mean that I as a White Male writer would be forbidden to include any non-white female characters in my work. As the substantial majority of my characters are exactly that, you would functionally kill my work merely to prove a political point.

Such puts one in the same category as both the Soviets and the Nazis. And that shit can bite one upon that ass in oh so many ways...don't YOU dare write/paint/sing about White Men! etc [fill in all those who you 'are not']”

It's awaiting moderation. She's fairly tough, so I expect she'll approve it, though I suppose some kind of shitstorm will brew up. Frankly, I don't care.

Meantime, if you call me 'cis-gendered' I'll shove a chair leg up your ass. I'm Fixed Gendered, thank you very much. And I too am a Person of Color. It just happens to be pinkish. Sweep in front of your own doors, kids.

...yes, Nebs is in a 'mood' today...

Saturday, November 5, 2011


~Still a bit wrung out from running around today, but not too badly. Had gotten plenty of sleep in the lead up.

The nurse-practitioner I saw today up at Rural Health told me that if I lost 30+lbs there's a good chance I could get off of my Beetus meds...which brought up all my 'exercise issues'. Getting started. [stuck] The state of the house. [a total mess] Creating a space. [see previous] And so on...

I've been a Yogi [one who does Yoga] on and off since 1975. I've had periods when I've done my asanas every day for years. Probably why I'm even in the shape I'm in now. And when I was homeless I lost them. Started up again at Sixth Street, but then filled the place up and lost them again.

And this joint is worse. Ya got two old gimps on Disability with depressive issues who jammed two and half households worth of shit into one house. *sigh* It's a textbook case of Clutter Overwhelm.

Goddess has provided us with Sister T. She's not in great shape herself, but she's a Compulsive Anger Cleaner and lately she's had buckets of fucking aggro, so she's been tearing through the place. I have enough 'umph' to do so more in her wake and keep up what she has done. That I'm pretty good at. Give me a working system and I'll maintain it. Double Virgo, ya know.

From this set of circumstances I think one can see why I sometimes despair over the whole Her Prophet thing. How am I supposed to change the entire world when I can't even clean the house? Of course that's why I'm constantly braying for your help, my Sisters. *brays some more*

And there ya have it...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Notes On Editing “The Introduction”

~The thing had seemed a bit anemic to me for a while [original version here] but I choose to just ‘forge ahead’ and deal with it later. I was so good at it that I really dropped the file altogether…until I changed the overall title.

Then ‘something had to be done’. That something was adding The Temple’s Mission Statement and even doing a wee edit upon that as well. It’s still part of Part Three: “The Temple’s Grand Strategy” and that will need a bit of editing too, but I’m already busy rummaging around in that anyway.

Because I changed the title to The Message of The Fifth Wave: Her Prophet Explains The Temple Of The Pentavalence I needed to add The Mission Statement because that explains the whole Fifth Wave issue from its source.

And then I saw two things in that I felt compelled to edit. The first was just to add ‘Second’ to the opening line: “The Temple is a Fifth Wave Feminism in that it leaps ahead of a nascent Fourth Wave, still incrementally emerging from the Second and Third Waves, to an entirely new construct.” I believe such to be a more accurate statement in that the Second and Third Waves are both still ‘roiling’.

But it is this sentence added at the end of the second paragraph that I believe the most significant: ”This is a Goddess driven Transhumanist Feminism.” Seven words – Marketing’s Golden Rule of Sound Bites – that truly sum up our entire Purpose, Strategy and Methodology.

In some ways I’m more pleased of these few words than with the thousands I cranked out in the past few days. Any halfway literate schmuck can blather on endlessly about complex subjects, but to come up with such a tight marketing phrase takes not only genius, but Luck.

Say it with me: ”This is a Goddess driven Transhumanist Feminism.”

It’s fucking catchy, ain’t it. *grin*

New Version