Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Her Prophet Reflects

~Another quiet night here all by myself. Only Squirt is up and she still mostly runs away from me, silly creature.

I've spent most of the past month or so watching Crime Drama and playing in the Anglo-American Imperium. But the Matriarchal New Year has begun and the Gregorian soon shall as well. Time to start up with The Explanation once again. I shall finish the First Version by this coming summer or fucking die!

Lots of thoughts on so many other subjects, though all tie into the Grand Issue, the birth of The Amazon Republic and the End of Men. Therefore I shall remain quiet for a little while longer and cogitate upon the coming days....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today is The Kalends of Primaria 12AS

The Kalends what we call the 1st of each month. It is always a Eponaday, always a First Day, always a Beginning.

The Kalends of Primaria is different from the other Kalends. It is the First of the First of the First, first day of the first week of the first month of the new year. Upon The Kalends of Primaria we formally lay out the plans and goals of the coming year and dedicate ourselves to their completion in The Name of The Goddess in all of Her Aspects.

On this day we Invoke Primaria, Goddess of The First Month of The Year, and ask Her to Guide us and Protect us through all of Her Thirty Days. Blessed Be...

"The concept behind making each month a Goddess in Her own right comes from something E says in Part Two “The Temple's Metaphysics”: "By focusing individual or collective Will upon a specific Aspect of The Creatrix, meaning a specifically Named Goddess – such as Astarte, Kali, or, Bride – a Tulpa may be invoked out of The Creatrix, a part of Her that can be understood and related to, and therefor directed."

The idea here being to Invoke each Monthly Goddess at the beginning of of Her Thirty Days, asking for Her Guidance and Protection during Her Time. To facilitate this, we are reintroducing another Roman convention, The Kalend, Latin for 'announcing' or 'calling' and the basis for the word Calendar, as the first day of each month. Upon the arrival of The Kalend we are reminded to make the above Invocation.

These are new Goddesses and as yet Un-Manifested. Therefore, now as I write these words upon this page, I Invoke them and call then into Being.

By reading their Names, you my Sisters, also Invoke them. And as Common Usage becomes Established Tradition, the Nature and Traits of each Goddess shall make themselves apparent and become fully Manifest. Through this process, we shall Serve them and they shall Serve us, which is ever the proper relationship between Humans and their Deities."

Addendum D [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]

12 Anna Sororitas, The Twelfth Year of The Sisterhood

"Those few days in mid October of 2001 when E first dictated The Pentavalent to me, the Precepts that are shaping and guiding The Temple into becoming The New Matriarchy, that Global Amazon Republic I'm so fond of promoting. We shall date the Anna Sororitas [Year of Sisterhood] beginning from that time when the actual Path itself was first Revealed. AD 2001=1 AS."

Addendum D [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]

Monday, December 26, 2011

Random Lite

Quiet here again. Everyone sleeping, including all the cats. I've been sleeping a lot the past three or four days, just succumbing to it as soon as it makes its presence felt.

Don't really feel like making to effort to share anything else. No secrets, just not in the mood to explain anything...

Friday, December 23, 2011


...file created at 1:09pm...

~The AT&T tech got here three hours ago. At least that's what Tyger told me. She's been babysitting him while both Le-Le and I were out cold.

The diagnosis seems to be 'degraded cables'. We're still copper wire out cause AT&T is [are?] too fucking cheap to upgrade their fucking infrastructure. They're gonna have to dig up cables in our backyard and also out on 20West. It seems their cables are crappin' out all over the landscape.

...back at 1:51pm...

~Been out on the porch with Tyger shooting the shit. Had to come in cause the desert sun was frying me.

The tech is roaming around with his ground radar and spraying orange paint all over the fucking landscape. The park manager is getting twitchy. But hey, that's the deal. And we ain't the only ones who bitched.

I'm feeling a little woozy from the heat. It was 15° when I went to bed at 4 this morning. It's probably only in the low 60's out there, but in the direct sunlight on the porch with no wind it could easily be in the upper 70's. installment at 4:16pm...

~The AT&T tech did some 'patch ups' and Le-Le hooked up the new modem. Things are better and some glitching is to be expected. The digging won't start until after the New Year, but hopefully we'll be okay until them.

And there you have it....

PS LJ's tags don't seem to be working. Copy/pasta'd from Dreamwidth. lol

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Marissa Gaeta And Citlalic Snell, U.S. Naval Petty Officers

~Of course the first Official Gay Military Kiss is between two very cute lesbians. Somebody in PR was paying attention. lol


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Lite

~This last week has been a series of Stress/Relief events for all of us. I'm skipping the details for General Security Reasons, but I expect it is understandable that such are exhausting even when situations are resolved. The rest of the household is presently sleeping, even the cats. I just slept nine hours, but I get the feeling a wee nap is probably on the lunch menu.

And so it is...

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Three Chinas

“Oddly, I spent last night at a party talking to a young woman from China who believes that her country is on the brink of major civil unrest” Laurie Penny Tweeted this a few days ago. I Tweeted back that I'd been saying this for more than a year now and getting dismissed. I then resolved to say something about what I call The Three Chinas Paradigm.

The Old Men in Beijing would like the world to think that China is nearly all Mandarin speaking Han. But of course China is a vast and complex nation-state with dozens of languages and ethnicities. Such should be obvious. Even the United Kingdom, which could be shoehorned into the US state of California, is similar with Welsh and Scottish nationalism and an English spoken in Yorkshire that is nearly incomprehensible to many other English speakers.

So to say there are Three Chinas should be understood as a socio-economic simplification, albeit a useful one in my opinion.

The First China these days is The East Coast, what I call the Go-Go China. That is that China we all know, the one that has seemed bound for World Domination, the Capitalist Roader China that produces cheap goods by the megaton, is packed wall to wall with new millionaires and has funded America's wars for the last decade.

The Second China is what I call The Middle Kingdom, the China of The Ten Thousand Villages. This is actually the real China, the one that has existed for millennia. Most Chinese live in this China. They provide the work force for The East Coast. They are poor and both they and their land are increasingly exploited and polluted. This is also where 'destabilizing unrest' begins in China.

The Third China, which is not really Chinese at all, is The West, Sinkiang and Tibet. Sinkiang is largely [and sparsely] populated by Turkic Muslims. Tibet is of course Tibetan. Beijing has been waging an ethnic war on both provinces for a half century, transplanting Mandarin speaking Han by the hundreds of thousands. For Beijing, Sinkiang is Strategic, both as a buffer state against Russia and as a road into Central Asia. Tibet is even more crucial as it is the principal watershed of East Asia. These provinces are actively hostile.

One can easily see that this is a volatile mixture. Absolute Control is absolutely essential. Of course such is also impossible. Sooner or later Control slips. I suspect this is what keeps the Old Men in Beijing up at night...and the quote at the top is just one more indication that it is slipping faster.

With the Global Economic Downturn deepening, the overseas markets that The East Coast has come to depend upon are shrinking and the work force from The Middle Kingdom are be sent home in droves. Sent home to poverty, poisoned land and endemic official corruption. And the authorities on The East Coast are ruthless about 'clearing out' unemployed workers. Each worker shipped back is another drop in a growing pool of anger, a pool that is becoming a lake, and may even become an ocean. More and more signs of that anger are being reported every day.

Remember that in China 'civil unrest' is something of a euphemism. We'd call it rebellion or even Civil War. And keep in mind that a serious civil war in the People's Republic of China is quite likely to involve the use of nuclear weapons.

This is not simple schadenfreude on my part. We too have come to depend upon China and if the above comes to pass - as I believe it will - these events will ripple economically here as well, such as the loss of those cheap consumer goods which are helping keep many America families [barely] afloat. And the consequences of that will then ripple throughout our society and then back to China.

Interesting Times indeed...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Her Prophet Plays Games On The Internets

~Faux-enlightened crypto-fascist Gonzalo Lira has posted another purposefully inflammatory entry: Why Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make Sense—and Isn’t Fair. I'm not sure if he really believes half the shit he writes. It may just be to 'get his numbers up'. But whatever, I'm perfectly happy to piggy back on his bullshit.

My comment: “There is biotech already in the pipeline whereby two women could have a child who is the product of both of their DNA: bone marrow stem cells used to create sperm and egg-to-egg fertilization. There was some clearly politically motivated back tracking on the former, but the researcher had already said it would work with both genders oblivious to the shitstorm such a statement would invoke.

So, there is your 'for the children' justification. I also note that the few political attempts to 'un-marry' childless hetro couples are derided as cruel and immoral.

The bottom line here is that as long as the govt is in the Marriage Business it is Constitutionally required to provide Equal Protection Under The Law and all the various 'social custom' and 'for the children' arguments are just so much tribal bullshit. This also applies to Polygamy and Polyamory. As long as the participants are Consenting Adults, let folks marry however they choose to do so.

By the same token, if a religious organization does not condone a particular form of marriage, then they should be free from any obligation to perform it.

PS On the flip side, it is theoretically possibly for two men to have a child using both of their DNA. Strip the DNA out of a donated egg and have one man's DNA implanted in the 'empty' egg and then fertilized by his partner. I believe this has already been done with two women. For now a woman would have to carry the child to term, but a temporary 'manwomb' implanted in a male abdomen is also theoretically possibly. We're just not there yet.”

No response yet...from him or anyone else.
posted by John Robb

Here's the simple version of the message.

Big changes are coming. How you fare will be a function of the choices you make.

1. The threat is the ongoing breakdown of the global economic and political system. Things are already bad for many of us, and they will get worse for nearly everyone as the decades wear on. In almost all cases, if you stick with the current economic system: you and your family will suffer.

2. The opportunity is to build something new at the local level. A networked resilient community that produces most of what it needs and shares/sells/buys the rest virtually. An economic and political environment that you can have a say in.

One of the key parts of this opportunity for networked resilient communities? Local fabrication. The ability to make locally, using simple/inexpensive machines and designs downloaded from the Internet, the products we currently buy from China. This is a big idea. It's hard to get your head around. Once you do, it will change the way you think about the future. Here are three attempts to explain the idea.

Here's a pretty good video on the future of local manufacturing (fab labs, 3d printing, etc.).

Phillipe Torrone: Is it time to rebuild and retool public libraries and make them tech shops?

NPR story on how libraries have the potential to reinvent themselves by building hackerspaces.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Her Prophet Fixes The Maths

~So the screw up was not as bad as I thought. I'd only made a small error up front. I said that The Kalends of Primaria [the 1st] was Dec 27/Dec 28th on Leap Years in Addendum D [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]. That would start The Festival of The Turning on Dec 22nd. I guess I had a brāne fart because the latter starts upon The Solstice, which is almost always the 21st. [We're fixing it to that date to simplify matters]

I realized there was a problem a few days ago when I saw that Duonenia ended on Dec 20th. I did write out the entire thing – it's not as bad as it sounds – and found that somehow I had not transferred the mistake to the rest of the dating. That means I do not have to delete all the Matriarchal Calender entrees I've made so far. Whew!

I've gone back and corrected everything...and now I think I need a nap.


~It is wonderfully quiet here right now. I slept until a little after two and everyone else was sleeping when I got up, even the cats. I really need my own quiet alone time. It's a Writer's Thing. My head is my 'office space' and other people's noise is very disruptive. It can easily kill my process.

I'm taking time to enjoy this quiet and 'just think'. I do have to print up a calendar blank in a few and start to sort the specifics of how I messed up the Matriarchal Calendar. But first I'm gonna sit and simply be still for a short while.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Her Prophet Has Issues With The Maths

~Okay, while working on The Festival of The Turning I've come to suspect that I may have screwed up the whole Matriarchal Calender time line. I know for certain that I screwed up some of it. [details once I figure out what the what is]

Basically, what I have posted so far may be off by a day...over like eighty something posts. *sigh* And yes, I will delete every fucking one of them [on both LJ and DW] if such is the case.

But to be sure I have to print up several calendar blanks and do the thing by rote, eg fill out several months...going in both directions. Oy vey chingada.

...yeah, I have not been maneuvering on all thrusters...

Friday, December 9, 2011


~I'm really fucking pissed off this morning. Personal specific stuff, not the ongoing global ratfuck. They're all resolvable issues, but are more Stress on top of what I've already got on my plate.

I'm going to watch some British Crime Drama which will calm me somewhat. [even at this late date I think that my oddest characteristic] But this shit will still be simmering somewhere in my psyche. I'll just be better able to deal with it. *sigh*

Thursday, December 8, 2011


~Had to run around yesterday morning. Knocked me out of course. I'm still running on vapors.

I did however spend an hour early in the AM working on some details of The Festival of The Turning. [see Matriarchal Calender] Slowly I'm moving back to working on The Explanation. It's been a few weeks now and I'm getting restless, though I'll likely not fully jump back in until after The Turning.

I have other shit to talk about, but right now I'm gonna get a bit more sleep...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Her Prophet Relates

~I had a conversation with E tonight. She said, “Your Exhaustion is allowing your Fears to dominate your Thoughts and Feelings. That is not a critique. That is just what is so. And it is an understandable mortal condition. You simply need to keep resting and Healing and let your Faith in The Message carry you until you can once again carry your own Self. It is after all what carries you most of the time anyway.

I wish I could be more comforting. But I am not a 'parent deity'. Like you, I am only another Separate Being adrift here in the vastness of Creation, seeking Its Source. Like you, I am only a Messenger, which you are already aware is all too often a thankless task. So please know that at least I have Compassion for your present State of Being and will remain your Companion as long as you need me.”

This did help...