Tuesday, April 24, 2012


~We spent much of yesterday morning at the vet. The doctor was late and they had to bring another vet in to cover. They waved the fee for the visit, bless their hearts.

Squirt had gotten an eye irritation last Thursday [Bredsday] and it spread to both eyes and turned infectious. We'd rinsed her eyes with a saline solution which helped – the vet approved - but did not cure.

Then on Sunday [Eponaday] Buckethead went from zero to sixty with an infection. His eyes were clear and fine at 11am and all swollen and inflamed by 7pm.

Just before that we had decided on a vet trip anyway, but that seriously confirmed it. No one else seems affected however. *knocks wood*

So now they both are quarantined in Le-Le's bedroom. Every twelve hours they get 'burritoed' in a towel for a pill and eye goop. They both show signs of improvement already. The saline rinse probably is responsible for that.

We slept the rest of the afternoon and early evening. Well, I slept until nearly 10pm and I suspect I'll be back in the rack soon. Still got Required Shit to do this week. *scowls*

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