Tuesday, April 10, 2012


~It's another quiet day here at La Casa De Los Gatos El Dormir. No drama in e-mail, snail mail or the Kern Courts. The weather is lovely, low 70's and breezy and all our windows are open.

I asked Le-Le if she wanted to go do some banking, start shifting money out of Chase and into the local credit union. [I have an account there] She said she wasn't in the mood and, to be honest, neither was I.

Essentially, she's waiting out a month since she paid off the various debts for them to clear off her credit report and then apply to some other lenders. We're not in love with the lender given as our first choice.

I went up to Albertson's and it was full of hoomons, but I survived. Now, I'm gonna have some lunch and watch a movie.

And there you have it....

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