Saturday, March 31, 2012

Her Prophet Reflects

~Looking out onto the insane political landscape that is The American Republic, I'm of the opinion that the main thing that keeps Yours Truly safe at this point is that maybe a total of seven people take me seriously.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


~I am tired and sad today. Nothing especially terrible has happened here. It's actually been a quiet and peaceful day more or less. It rained, which help me sleep. There's food in the fridge and the garbage is all out on the curb. It's comfy inside and I have crime drama saved on my desktop.

I'm tired from both the ongoing Housing Issue, which is still 'in process' and because I was tired when I did a WinCo run at three this morning. I was starting to lose it on my way back and dropped right into bed like two minutes after unloading the trucklette and was out cold for five hours.

I'm sad for more reasons than I can possible list...

Close to home, the Housing Issue is taking its toll on Le-Le. I can suck it up when it comes to myself, but seeing her go through that upsets me badly.

And then there is The World...

These types of hateful idiots seem endless. And the litany of evil is certainly not restricted to White Folks as this documentary/article on slavery in Mauritania shows. I could not watch/read more than a tenth of the thing.

I'm in that space where all I wish to do is hide in my room. I think, “Her fucking Prophet indeed. More like 'dinky dog of terror' as Bukowski used to say. You think you can change the fucking World, asshole? The fucking World will fucking crush you and break fucking your heart fifty fucking times while doing so.”


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Her Prophet Speaks

~One thought regarding the 'billboard post' Sisters, do not think for one fucking second that even in social order where 'race' was no longer an issue that Men would treat you any better. Patriarchy at present is largely White simply due to its historical position, the tail end of five centuries of European political and economic supremacy.

Doubt that? Just look at the Chinese response to the One Child Policy; a surfeit of Male children. Or the millions of 'missing girls' in India. Cock is Cock no matter what its color.

More later to be sure...but right now I'm tired and annoyed and I need a nap.


~Okay, this is a particularly unpleasant manifestation. Had deeply weird dreams about going to some low rent movie theater and then trying to sleep in one of its 'side rooms'. There was an endless parade of weird shit going in there and I 'couldn't sleep'. [that's about fear of being homeless] I'd wake up here for real in my room, but now it's starting to not 'feel' like My Room anymore. That sense of Yes, This Is My Room has calmed me many times, but now it seems it's fading as we push forward to move. That I've seen the room that will likely become 'my new room' has probably cranked that feeling up.

This is a disconcerting development. Thing is, I really love this room. *chokes up*


~We are both a fucking mess. Emotionally, we're each more or less okay. But there is a lot of backwash from the roller coaster we've been on, the Terror/Relief Cycle of the past month. Our bodies are reacting in their own personal ways, Le-Le with a badly achy/weepy hormone festival and me with tooth and tum pain that disturbs my sleep.

We'll survive this. The wonderful outpouring of resources have given us the tools to do so handsomely. And even victory comes with a cost...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Invocation and Lesson

~In moments like this, when it is Quiet around here, I of course reflect upon recent events. The Oathbreaker comes up a lot and I get angry and thinking of Cursing her. But I realized at some point in the past few days that the worst Curse I could lay upon her is that her life remain exactly has it has been for the past decade, the same lying and cheating and running and loss of friendship and family, continued on endlessly until she dies alone somewhere. That is my Curse upon her.

She will however remain immortal in history of The Temple, a perfect example of Victim as Victimizer, that type of person who has had such an awful childhood etc, that they feel entitled to fuck over everyone else as needed to get what they want, that their own Pain and Suffering justify any and all bad behavior on their part, regardless of how it injures others, because 'the world owes them'.

The example of The Oathbreaker, the Victim as Victimizer, will be taught as a Lesson to all our Sisters of what to look for in their work with other potential Sisters and will be done so long after The Oathbreaker herself has died. Patriarchy generates them by the tens of thousands and we will need to remain on guard against that type for a long time to come.

And so it is....

Saturday, March 3, 2012


~Been looking at a blank Open Office file on and off for about a half an hour or so. A lot has shifted in the last twenty four hours, but I don't want to talk about publicly, largely because of the 'jinx factor'. And yes, I'm superstitious. I'm a Witch for fuck's sake!

I did do a massive three day Cleansing of the house, burning a large amount of Cleansing Herbs. Raw desert sage. Powdered green sage. Frankincense. Lavender. The place was swathed in thick clouds of smoke three nights in a row. Even walked the burner around the outside of the house. Widdershins the first two nights as a Banishing, then Deiseal the last night for Protection and Prosperity.

We then took Mundane Action...and 'things began to change'.

All this is still 'in process', so pleased redouble your Good Thoughts and Prayers. Details will be forthcoming when the time 'feels right'. Blessed Be...

Friday, March 2, 2012


~Powerful Positive movement underway on The Housing Front. Dear friends, please send whatever Prayers, Invocations, Summonings, Etc. you have in your toolkits that could aid us. Blessed Be...