Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Her Prophet Reflects Upon Recent Events

~As ever, Sleep is The Great Cure. Done properly, it rests the Mind and the Flesh, restoring Balance and Perspective. It's largely a Chemical Process to be honest, but such does have Metaphysical Implications for beings like us.

Anyway, I'm feeling better, as is Le-Le. The house is peaceful and we're enjoying that after so many months of Chaos. Of course Chaos is a Tool of The Grift; keep everything and everyone in a state of Upset and Turmoil and all manner of bullshit can be slipped past unnoticed.

I said to a mutual friend of Tyger's, “She did however really blow it this time. She had a sweet gig here, lots of latitude. We are slowly building an organization and we had talked a lot about using her 'skill sets' to further that. She had a future with us.

But she's still thinking like a junkie and now that door is closed forever. I also suspect she'll put a few more nails in that by dissing us to excuse her behavior. Those 'cleaning house' noises are just the opening notes of that tune.”

Said 'dissing' will likely be about my 'moodiness', Le-Le's 'depression' and the messy state of this house. All true on the face of it. My reply however is, “It's not Skid Row”, which was pretty much her only other option, at least according to her. [at this point, I have to regard everything I cannot directly confirm myself as a lie]

But the principal side effect of all that Chaos is that it made it impossible for me to write. I was willing to live with that for a while in order to help someone who proclaimed themselves a Sister, but as those who follow me know, it took a terrible toll. Money can be replaced, but I also lost nearly half a year of Time, which cannot be replaced. That is her primary crime towards me.

I shall not whine about however. What is done is done and now we start to look at the Lessons that come with this.

First place I look is regarding Recruitment into The Temple.

Tina was an emotional disaster. She too stole Time from me, but that stemmed from her own emotional confusion and from her unwillingness to fess up to said confusion. With proper contrition, she could return if she so desired.

Tyger on the other hand consciously weaved an elaborate web of lies with the overt intent to steal from The Temple. As previously stated, she is declared Pariah and cast into the Outer Darkness. She said she believes she will be dead within a decade. We here Invoke that as Truth.

And that brings me to the present list of potential Sisters, which I can reasonable count on one hand. I consciously said 'reasonable', not 'realistic' because I really do not expect any of you to show up any time soon, if ever.

While those of you on that small list [I'll tell you privately if you're on it] may see the potential of The Temple and its goals, at this point all of you are too deeply enmeshed with your own lives, both emotionally and financially, to make the leap required to become part of this. I say this only as a minor rebuke, as I do have some understanding of the courage needed to make said leap, the Courage of Faith, though I suppose saying you lack such is a rather severe rebuke when framed in that fashion.

But that is one Lesson I take away from these events...so far. As ever, More Shall Be Revealed.

Meantime, we recoup and I suspect I shall soon be able to once again properly Face The Page and finally finish The Explanation. Goddess willing, maybe that will give some of you the aforementioned Courage of Faith to come and truly become part of 'this thing of ours'. It's 'yours' too, but you have to claim it.

And so it is....

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