Friday, February 3, 2012



I was up from 3:30am to 7pm yesterday, which is a long day for me, especially as Le-Le woke me up at that time to share this extension of the on-going clusterfuck with me. At the Sheriff's by 7am and then working the phone on and off until mid- afternoon.

A 'retaliatory visit' from Animal Control was also on the menu. [at least Le-Le was asleep for that] I explained what was going on [the AC officer knew the Deputy dealing with this..small town, ya know] and I showed her Flopsie, who is all sleek and plump, and she was like “Oh yes, they're fine” in a few seconds. We talked cats for a few minutes [she was a young 'cat lady' lol] and that was that.

Then talked with Kat for a couple of hours, which chilled me. [thanks, babe xoxox] I had talked with Ana Q yesterday, which also chilled me. [thanks to you too, doll xoxox] Overall both interfaces helped a lot. The Sisterhood, though still effectively unformed, is out there and essentially waiting for me to finish my Major Majickal Working aka The Explanation.

Anyway, I'm up for a while and will likely crap out again before dawn. Fuckin' fried.

And there ya have it...

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