Sunday, January 8, 2012

Awake and Plotting

~Slept for another four plus hours and the was awake. Guess I'm in an Up/Down sleeping cycle again. Full Moon's probably part of that.

Frustrated that I haven't been able to write. Squeezed out bits and pieces, but that feels pretty much like it sounds; the excretory metaphor is quite apt.

Been thinking about what I call 'proto-Mandroids'. Those would be True Males converted in the 'early days', violent offenders who, instead of being locked away or executed, would be put to good use as simple laborers, most likely in agriculture. They'd be castrated, lobotomized and Brain Boxed [see Dr. Jose Delgado] and then sent to the fields. This would be an interim measure until actual Mandriods could be properly bred, though it could be used as a 'judicial solution' until True Men are extinct.

Ah, it felt good to write that. *evil laughter*

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