Monday, January 23, 2012

Her Prophet Worries About His Mental Health

~No, it's not that I'm crazy. Not only did that horse leave the barn a long time ago, but even all the glue made from said beast has been fully affixed to whatever.

What I'm worried about is my Depression. I fear it is deeper than I want to admit. I have not been able to re-start on The Explanation. [I'm not even hyperlinking it at this point] And that leaves me without Purpose. Such does not make me suicidal, it merely puts me in a place where I am simply surviving day by day, largely indifferent to anything else. For me, that is a living death...and that is very depressing.

I have a fairly clear idea of the things that are blocking me..and there is nothing I can do about most of them right now. All I can do is Survive....

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