Sunday, January 29, 2012


~As with most Cons, this has all manner of detail and complexity. But short version, Tyger, who'd been staying with us for the last three months, bailed on Friday owing us roughly five hundred bucks 'out of pocket'. [apx $100 loaned plus cumulative utility bills]

We know for sure it was a scam as she weaved this whole complex lie about borrowing money from a friend to start reimbursing us. When I checked with said friend, they had never even talked with Tyger about any such thing.

And it was a week to the day that we said 'time to start catching up cash wise' that she slipped out, while we slept no less.

There are many many more details, all the myriad games, lies and excuses that come with a Con, but we're just chilling right now and the whole thing is tiring. More later I expect, from Le-Le as well, Lessons to be un-packed and so on....

However, in this Tyger Warren-Wilson has betrayed The Temple, as she was taken under this roof via the auspices of The Sisterhood and violated that trust. Therefore she is declared Pariah. That may mean little now, but it will in the long run. And so it is....

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