Sunday, January 15, 2012


~So far this is a Bad Day. [only be awake for three quarters of an hour though] Sinus headache and Depression. [yes, cap 'D']

I will take drugs and distract myself. [just took an Aleve/got “Forbrydelsen” on my desktop]

This is of course about The Work and the massive amount of evidence indicating most hoomons are fucking stoopeed that is presented to me every fucking day. [even the 'smart ones']

I make the requisite 'sigh'. [sigh] I've written nothing but rants and am chewing my cuticles until they bleed. [my form of cutting I suppose]

Not giving up, just bitching out loud so I don't get suicidal. [hate that cause I know I won't]

...and then I ran out of steam. [h00f]

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