Wednesday, December 8, 2010


~I feel physically ill today; 'flu like' symptoms, though I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the flu. I'm just fucking fried.

First, there's the broken tooth on the upper left which causes me to chew exclusively on the right and is inflaming my TMJ, which makes my neck and shoulders ache.

Second, the weather keeps going back and forth; warm and dry to cold and damp and back again, which adds to the above achyness.

And third, yesterday somebody around here was working on something which made this 'thumping' sound that was just like heavy booted footsteps on our porch. That went on periodically all day and trigger my PTSD every fucking time. Today I've got a severe PTSD hangover.

All this combined has utterly kicked the shit out of me and I'm nearly non-functional. I'm just on this side of suicidal depression, which I fucking hate because I know full fucking well that I am not going to off myself. I'm far too self absorbed egocentric for that kind of sorry weak assed bullshit...or is that weak sorry assed bullshit?

To top it all off, Hulu was all fucking 'jerky' and unwatchable because of fucking bandwidth issues. Normally, I'd write that off as a First World Problem, but I really needed the distraction today. *snarl*

...okay, I'm taking some drugs and going back to bed...

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