Friday, December 17, 2010

In Which Her Prophet Explains The State Of The Explanation

~If you've been reading me for any amount of time, you're familiar with my ongoing lament about The Struggle To The Face The Page vis-a-vis The Explanation. And, yes, I find it tiresome as well, so I decided to do a review of where the thing is actually at and I'm doing better than I usually think I am, which is all too often the case por moi.

The below are all hyperlinked to the actual content over at The Explanation Blogspot itself.

Her Prophet Explains: "Preface"
Her Prophet Explains: "The Introduction"
Her Prophet Explains: Part One "Her Prophet"
Her Prophet Explains: Part Two "The Temple's Metaphysics"
Her Prophet Explains: Part Three "The Temple's Grand Strategy"

These first five sections are all pretty much finished. They still need a 'once over', some 'polishing' and a typo check, but I'm largely satisfied with them as they stand.

Her Prophet Explains: Part Four "The Temple's Tactical Initiatives"

This section still needs 'expansion'. There are still individual parts that are not effectively fleshed out enough, especially regarding The Sisterhood Training and the plans for our shelters. That said, it is largely completed, say four fifths done.

Her Prophet Explains: Part Five "The Trikona”

Like the first five, this section is done and just needs a 'once over', some 'polishing' and a typo check.

Her Prophet Explains: Part Six “Stories and Works” [Intro/Near Future]
Her Prophet Explains: Part Six “Stories and Works” [Far Future]

These two sections – which are really just one, but divided because of website format restrictions – these are the ones that are giving me the most grief. They are full of unfinished stories and outline stubs. And this is the troublesome region of Creative Writing with the extra challenge of operating within an Ideological Paradigm. It is that fraught combination that also makes this section potentiality the most powerful of all. When I 'bitch and moan' about The Explanation, it'll likely be this baby that's grinding me.

Her Prophet Explains: Part Seven “Summation”

The Summation is also essentially done, though I do still agonize over it. It is a 'summation' after and ya gotta hook 'em here or the preceding work is for naught.

Her Prophet Explains: Addendum A [Revealed Knowledge]
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum B [Tales of the VÄ“kkan Cults]
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum C [Her Prophet Sez It 'Brooklyn Style']
Her Prophet Explains: Addendum D [The Temple's Flag]

These last four are completed in this context and I'm happy with them, though I'd like to fully finish Revealed Knowledge one day.

All in, the above presently runs about fifty thousand words and I expect it to top out at roughly ten to fifteen thousand more. I plan on sharing some rough draft hard copies once I finish three of the stories in Part Six. I'd like some more feedback before I go to press.

And there you have it....

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