Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama and The Demise of The Republic

~In the beginning, in the post election euphoria, Barack Obama was compared to many American historical figures; Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK, and MLK were the ones that came up most often. But after nearly two years for me he brings to mind someone else; George B. McClellan.

McClellan was also a brilliant man of whom much was expected and with good cause. He was a fine officer with a very good military record and had been successful in civilian life as a senior engineer and administrator in the railroad business. As the creator of The Army of The Potomac, he is responsible for forging the magnificent military instrument that ultimately defeated The Confederacy. He was capable, well liked by his troops, and held in high esteem by the American public.

But when it came time to fight, he choked. He simply did not have the stomach for it, for 'spending his men'. He always claimed that he was outnumbered and constantly called for reinforcements even though he never faced a Confederate force more than half the size of his during his entire period of command.

His actions – and lack thereof – prolonged the war by at least two years, bringing far greater death and destruction upon The Republic than was necessary. When asked about McClellan, U.S. Grant called him, “one of the great mysteries of the war.”

Obama too was regarded as a Man of Great Promise and rightly so. He has tremendous charisma and a supple intellect. But like McClellan, he has 'no stomach for fighting'. He retreats in the face of inferior odds and gives away his negotiating points before he even gets to the table. If he was my lawyer, I'd sue him for malpractice.

At his core, he has proved fearful. As the first black man in the Oval Office, that's not all that surprising. I at first doubted that he would survive his first year, much less his first term. But I realized the other day that I no longer worry about that. He has proved to be no real threat at all, at least not to The Powers That Be.

I know that many still defend him and his 'measured approach'. However that is simply an expression of desperation. It is a hard thing to face the probable demise of The Republic. But face that we must. And if you're not willing to do so and look at Other Methods, then you too are likely doomed.

Of course, we're all probably doomed anyway....

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