Friday, December 31, 2010


~I've been scrolling through my various friend's lists this evening and of course seeing many expressing their 'hopes for a better year' in 2011. While I do understand the sentiment, I'm sorry, kids, but it ain't gonna happen. 2011 will suck harder than 2010, just as 2010 sucked harder than 2009, something I said back then as well. 2012 ain't gonna be no fucking price either, but let's save that shit for later.

It's not that I'm some sort of Nostradamus; I simply pay attention to the trends. Some of us individually may have some positive moderation of our own circumstances; I think this household might in the coming year. But the overall trend is Suckage and for the foreseeable future.

How deep said Suckage is going to be I cannot say. This time last year I said in In Which Her Prophet Expounds Upon Catastrophe Porn: “My own view is that Modern Civilization is not going to undergo a Total Collapse. Shit's gonna get Real Hairy, but I don't buy the End Times/Late Roman Empire paradigm. History does repeat itself, but never in the same way.

While the sheer size and complexity of Modern Civilization is part of the problem, it is also what will save our bacon, though maybe not bacon itself. There is massive informational redundancy built into the whole thing, so much so that wiping it all out is nigh impossible, short of an asteroid strike. *bites tongue*

Plus, this is not some Hollywood scenario. The so-called Collapse will happen over decades and will never be truly complete. Many parts of the whole will die off partially or totally, but other parts will survive nearly intact.”

That's the long term 'macro' view and the trends support it. Not much of a 'Happy New Year', but I'm not gonna go Happy Happy Joy Joy and blow smoke up your collective ass. And Goddess Knows I ain't gonna bite my tongue.

And that's the name of that fucking tune...

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