Friday, December 24, 2010


~Just doing my best to get through the holidays in one piece. This time of the year has been packed with Drama and Trauma for the greater part of my life – especially in my childhood - and much of that still bubbles in my subconscious.

And all of that is over and things under this roof are relatively calm and peaceful right now, though it has been a rough few months. Even things on the Note Holder front are quiet and I expect will remain so until I poke them again.

So I have a comfy place to live, plenty of food in the fridge, a kind and supportive companion, and Purpose in my life. A far cry from so many preceding holiday seasons. I am doing my best to be Grateful...and, as I said, the Ghosts of X-Mas Past still lurk and I worry about the Ghosts of X-Mas Future. Being a Writer and Prophet makes 'staying in the moment' a real bitch, ya know?

And so I am able to 'stay in the moment' only for a moment and then have to recenter myself. But I can't say I have nothing to do, eh?

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