Saturday, February 11, 2012

Her Prophet Laments...Again

~Earlier today I was watching Heather McGhee on Bill Moyers and was immediately entranced. For me, she is an Archetype of the Perfect Sister; intelligent, articulate, passionate, dynamic, mediagenic, multiracial and a lawyer!

But around 17:00 I turned the vid off.

Like so many well meaning Progressives, all of her solutions come back to the delusion that Capitalism can be 'tamed'. That is where The Left et al fail time and again. They choke in the clinch.

Capitalism is a beast that ultimately eats its Host. Always and every time. We are near that fatal point now, but anyone who expresses that gets dismissed and derided as a 'godless commie', even by most 'leftists'. Such an opinion is Pure Heresy, in large measure because Communism as practiced in the 20th Century was itself such an abject brutal failure.

This was very depressing, another replay of the false Communism/Capitalism dichotomy. Seeing this woman lifted my hopes for a moment...and then dashed them once more. It's a vicious cycle, both here in my little room and out there in The Hologram. There is Another Way, but the vision of the New Matriarchy as put forth in The Pentavalent slays almost everyone's Sacred Cows.

And that makes it seem a totally unachievable outcome.

During my previous – and numerous – lamentations I have asked myself, “Is this Path really The Way?” I know many think I am delusional and at times I have thought so, too. And yet...

When I sit quietly and reexamine the decades of searching and thinking and observing, I still come to the same conclusion; The Male Must End.

*sigh* Honestly, I really really wish that I had a more 'marketable' solution. Goddess knows such would make my life a whole lot easier. But, in the end, it is what it fucking is, ya know...

..and so it is.

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