Saturday, February 4, 2012


~Lay down around 8am for a 'wee nap'. Woke up around 3pm. Guess I was more tired than I thought.

And yes, all this has been fucking tiring. My head's okay, but it's taken a toll on my guts. The last two breakfasts have been uncomfortable. Even yogurt got a rumbly reception. *urp*

But I've been told Tyger is now 'out of the jurisdiction', back down to LA, where it seems there is an arrest warrant waiting for her on an entirely separate charge, one that we only just found out about. I suspect someone's gonna lock her up for something before the year is out.

Now I think I'll go put our gimp plates [Disabled Person] on the trucklette. They took forfuckingever to get here, but they did save us a hundred bucks on registration this year.

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