Saturday, February 25, 2012


~I had a good solid sleep this afternoon and early evening. Finally. Actually felt rested for the first time this last week. And of course I had to stop myself from running and doing the things that got put aside. I'm still not 'super' and need more healing. But at least I caught myself.

No news on the legal front. I said to Le-Le earlier that it's likely we're not anywhere near the top of Opposing Council's priority list. The Default Notice 'came due' on Feb 1st and nothing happened. In fact more than a week passed before he responded to my note of Feb 9th asking for 'proof of standing'. Granted, it was a shot across our bow, but it was also on a slow day [President's Day], his paralegal was the server and his office is only about seven minutes drive from here.

I'm hoping this means he's just going through the motions because she does not have a strong standing in this matter. We'll see....

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