Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legal War Chest

~Once again we're going to the innernetz to ask for money. *sigh* This is a legal battle over our house. Most of it is pure harassment by someone without any standing in the matter, but if not handled we could end up homeless anyway. And it's also past time to legally finish off The Note Holder and end this bullshit. That means money.

If not for the Oath Breaker we'd actually have been okay for the moment as I had stashed money away, but her running up the electric bill and the water bill etc, drained that reserve, so here we are cyberbegging again.

From Le-Le: “We're in a legal assistance no-mans-land. There's legal aid in LA. There's legal aid in Bakersfield. There doesn't seem to be anything here. That's why we are going the unfortunate route of paying a lawyer, and asking for help from anyone who can manage it.”

If y'all are able, donate here: Legal stuff and a call for help

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