Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Her Prophet Whines

~Had another set of my 'in school' dreams. Too complex to relate the details. All my dreams have become quite long and very intricate these days.

I was sorta hanging with the Cool Kids in this expensive and exclusive uber- progressive middle school. They liked me, but didn't fully accept me. I could see them with my 'adult eyes' and it was obvious that, even though they were all smart and aware, they were also shallow and directionless.

But they were all pretty and hip and it felt good, in that profound 'high school' fashion, to be able to run with them. The whole thing was also laced with a deep feeling of longing throughout and I woke up feeling sad and lonely. *sigh*

My 'off the cuff/first cup of coffee' analysis is that I'm feeling lost in regards to my work re The Temple. That largely 'feels right'. Fairly easy call, I guess. This can be a lonely and often seemingly pointless Path.

Not giving up. Way too fucking stubborn. I just hate days like this...

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