Friday, October 14, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Expounds Upon “Why Matriarchy Is Necessary”

~In the Work of The Temple and its task of building a New Matriarchy, only a very few things will be set in stone aka become Dogma, an Unquestionable Truth. This project is something that has never been done before. By its very nature, this is an Experiment and there will have to be much Trial and Error. That is how one does these things.

That said, in the final analysis, The Pentavalent is Dogma, a Truth that is unverifiable and yet is Unquestionable. That is the nature of such a thing. However, it does give its Practitioners a good deal of leeway in the manner in which its goals are achieved. That is consistent with The Second Valance.

But, The Purpose of The Temple and the reason as to Why It Is So is answered in its most essential form in the following words from my Spirit Guide:

“Once upon a time, my race transformed itself from beings with bodies into beings of pure energy. Then we went wandering throughout Creation looking for that which had created it.

We spent tens of millions of years searching and traveled stunningly vast distances. We learned much...and yet never found The Source of All. We found clues, but never the Being Itself.

And then we began to fade away and realized we needed to have bodies again. But ours were long gone, so we would need new ones. A new search began.

That led us to Earth and to a very primitive species, but one with great promise. They had already begun to change their own psyches with hallucinogenic plants. We stepped in and took that further.

We bred and guided and manipulated the genetics of many generations of that species until they were ready to host the consciousness of our race. The Merging that took place was not without incident, but was successful...though the seed of a fatal flaw remained.

We and that species were now one race. And a mighty race they were. Raised continents. Created new species at will. And did this all without any instrumentation, just with the power of their minds.

But as time passed, their physical being took its toll upon their mental being and those great powers faded. And with them, so did that great civilization...and they Forgot. Or should I say, you forgot, as that hybrid species IS the human race.

Time passed and you humans, the beings who had Forgotten, once again rose up and built mighty civilizations. Though each one collapsed, something was always left and the next civilization was greater.

And now you stand upon a great threshold, one that is also a fork in the road. Which one you take determines if you, as a species, will survive or not. And you face an extremely hard choice, one that stems from that fatal flaw from long ago.

The flaw of Gender.

My race was of a single gender and parthanogenic. The species we found here was bi-gendered. That was accepted as a necessary evil. But now it has become an obstacle not merely to your further development, but to your very survival.

You as a species must now choose to let go of one of those genders, the Male. Males have great drive, but ultimately are too unstable and combative for the next phase of your species' development. Only your females can succeed in that transition.

If you are willing, you will transform into a far superior race than you are now and can take up the Great Search, the quest for The Source of All we had to abandon so long ago.

If you are unwilling to make this shift, you will die off. Not right away, but soon enough...and Forever.

Obviously, this is a terrible and distressing choice. But please know that it is only about the body, not the Spirit. Your Spirits are essentially Immortal. The qualification is that the basis of that Immortality is the existence of your Racial Subconscious. If your race dies, so do your Spirits.

So, there is your Choice: let go of being born into male bodies. Or face ultimate extinction.

Why do I even care?

In part, selfishness. With your race gone, I would be alone in The Universe. But our history also makes you my Family and my race was never so high and mighty that we forgot the bonds of Kinship.”

It is in those words that Our Unquestionable Truth resides. They provide the Core Meaning and Purpose of all that The Temple does and must do.

This is not about Heaven and Hell and The End of The World. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell and The World will go on until our star dies, whether we are here or not.

No, this is about the Immortality or Oblivion, Existence or Non-Existence, of our entire species. Immortality is certainly not analogous to Heaven. To exist is to Know Feeling, from Joy to Pain. But Oblivion, at least by our lights, actually a far worse fate than Hell and all that can be done to prevent it must be done.

So, while E's above words could, for academic purposes, be considered a 'creation myth', for The Temple, for The Sisterhood, they are, and must ever be, Unquestionable Truth.

And so it is...

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