Friday, October 7, 2011

Today is 16th Decembria, 11AS...a Eponaday

"Eponaday is The First Day. Epona is a very ancient Celtic Goddess of Horses. She is chosen because The Horse is central to Amazon Culture. She starts off the week with the symbolic 'getting back in the saddle'."

"Let us look at the structure of the week itself. The First, Second and Third Days are the 'official' Work Week for business, school, etc. On the Weekend, the Fourth Day is half and half; morning and early afternoon for finishing up the Work Week and the late afternoon and evening for playing and partying. The Fifth Day is not a religious holiday per se, but rather meant to be a day of relaxation and reflection."

~[Oct 7th, 2011] We have an interesting juxtaposition today. In the Gregorian Calendar it is a Friday and therefore the 'end' of the week, while for the Matriarchal Calendar, a new week begins. As the former is presently the dominant system, the latter must yield...for now. However, as has been said, “Things change.”

Addendum D [Calendar for A New Matriarchy]

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