Sunday, October 23, 2011

Her Prophet Writes

~Though the MediCal insanity largely derailed me regarding “A Single Step”, I did keep writing. I managed to eke out some notes and partial scenes, but where I really worked was on editing/rewriting/expanding both Part Two: The Temple’s Metaphysical and Part Three: The Temple’s Grand Strategy.

Some of you may remember me expressing frustration that Part Two ‘seemed’ finished, but that I was not happy with that finishing and that I was also nearly clueless as to how to fix that. I’d had a glance months back, but it slipped away from me because I did not make notes. [I was exhausted and laying down at the time]

During a recent on-line kerfuffle I went back over old notes looking for a specific riposte, but instead found a whole raft of quotes and rants that are now being edited and incorporated into both sections. Some of them were incomplete which is why they were stashed in my notes. I’m finishing them now.

I’m also realizing that “Step” is heading beyond a short story into novelette territory [having a word count of between 7,500 and 17,499]. That allows me to cut myself some slack. Can’t just ‘whip those babies out’, ya know.

Anyway, doing my best to move forward without flogging myself. I’m only supposed to do that to others. lol

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