Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Every time I hear someone say "bagger" it sounds like "nigger" to me."

~Yes, someone actually said that to me, an LJ friend in fact. At first I got really furious. This is the prefect example of Privileged White Equivalency dogshit. I referred to it as a Moral Obscenity. See, as best as I can tell, no Bagger has ever been lynched for being such. And Baggers are supposedly not born 'Bagger'. It's a choice, though given the raft of shit that comes out of their mouths, its may not be a conscious one.

But then, while I was surfing porn, I heard something that made realized how fucking stupid that statement actually is; it was how ridiculous the juxtaposition of Nigger to Bagger sounds in common usage. Here are some examples:

“Bet you like sucking that big nigger dick.”

NWA [that's Niggers With Attitude for those of you who don't know Rap history]

“Hey, my nigger, wazzup?”

I'm sure y'all can come up with plenty of your own examples. Hours of fun for the whole family.

Honestly, that some White Folks are this fucking square and clueless deeply embarrasses me as a White Man. Shit, if you mutha fuckaz are that fucking stupid, then you fully deserve the ass fucking you get from The Corporate State.. ..youknowhatimsaying?

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