Friday, February 25, 2011

Electoral Insanity

~I'm seriously thinking of running for Congress next year [CA-22]. At first I was worried that be doing so I could lose my SSI, but me running against McCarthy is fucking nuts, so I'd say I'm still in that ballpark. Of course, if I actually do threaten him – this is Red Jebus country so that ain't likely – he, or some staff flunky, might 'have a word' with the SSA. But I'd mention that possibility right up front to head him off.

If I actually engage in this madness, I'd use the strategy I've proposed to the state Dems – they blew me off btw – the building of a state of the art VA Hospital in southern Kern County. As I live in Rosamond, and Goddess Knows I know all politics is local, I'd campaign for it to be built here.

And I'd use what I call The Rainman Method; I'd focus in an almost autistic fashion upon that one issue, a state of the art VA Hospital in southern Kern County. Knowing me, I'd blab about plenty of other things, but I would come back to that like a broken record.

Bumper Sticker: Support American Veterans: Vote Daly for Congress. Put that on a flowing American flag background. lol

This is because of Le-Le really. She's a Disabled Vet and needs serious medical attention. But the two major VA hospitals are each about sixty five to seventy miles away [130/140 mile round trips], one down in LA's San Fernando Valley and the other up in Bakersfield. And both routes run through winding canyon passes from here. A facility in southern Kern would be central to tens of thousands of Vets and good for the local economy. [see, I'm already]

I started writing this hours ago, but my browser froze 'cause of multiple up-dates. So I shut it down and then lay down. Thought about this – and much of what I'd say and do – while I drifted off. Keeping all that to myself for now however.

Still need to finish The Explanation of course...and this IS an intriguing adventure. Chances that'd I'd actually get elected are Slim and None, but that would give me a greater freedom to speak. Plus it could raise my Media Profile.

Stay tuned....


Maezeppa said...

Maezeppa's first name is Rosamond.

Nebris said...


Never got a notification you commented btw. Just found this now by chance.

Anonymous said...

I think you fully understand the scope of the situation and have asessed your stragedy. Implementing your plan is key.
And of course timing.