Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her Prophet Speaks

"So here is what we propose: creating a society that is both stable and dynamic, a society that has two primary purposes: First, to strive to honestly understand the true nature of everything in the universe, which is ultimately The Search for The Creatrix...and Second, to raise generations of daughters who are strong, healthy, and balanced in Mind, Body, and Spirit so that the First Purpose may be pursued without pause or hindrance.

I can imagine no greater goal. Can you?"

Her Prophet Explains: Part Seven - “Summation”

~All actions and decisions can be reviewed upon a simple basis; does it move you [and us] toward or away from our Greater Goal?

If the answer is toward, then the action or decision is a proper one.

If the answer is away, then the action or decision is a improper one.

If the answer is no perceived effect, double check just to make sure.

If that answer remains the same, then simply ask if it is pleasurable to you.

If the answer is yes, then proceed freely.

However, as simple as the above process may be, one must truly understand the wider world, one's own Self and The Greater Goal, in essentially that order, to be able to effectively and accurately engage in said process.

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