Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nebs Sez

"Corporate America has followed Objectivist philosophy to a tee by being utterly self interested. Our industry has been shipped overseas to use cheaper labor and lower operating costs. Our non-industrial high paying jobs have been largely outsourced. Their lobbyists pushed a deregulation that turned the financial sector into a casino that destroyed literally trillions in wealth, the savings and investments of millions of hard working citizens. And on top of all of that they have gained themselves near permanent tax holiday. For any nation to allow such a philosophy to operate is to commit economic suicide. But you guys are all, "Hey, what's mine is mine," which functionally makes you sociopaths."

"And Rand's exaltation of serial killers is a true window into her worldview. The serial killer does what he wants and takes what he needs without empathy or deferment to others. He is the ultimate Objectivist."

"You clowns are such a bunch of sad wannabe millionaire losers. Have fun flipin' burgers. lol"

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