Monday, February 7, 2011


~I'm kind of disheartened right about now. Working on The Explanation isn't easy, especially when I never seem to get any feedback or acknowledgment when I post anything here that relates to it...except of course for the crap I got from a now former LJ 'friend'. And even then, though I did 'compose a response' in my head, my disheartenment made me say, “Fuck it. Why bother?”

One of y'all did get on my case lately about finishing the thing, saying she's being 'showing it around', but has to lug her laptop to do so, which did motivate my a bit and underscores the need for a hard copy paper volume....

What's prompted this disheartenment is the total silence on my last Cyber Witch story,
A Day In The Life. No one said a fucking word about it anywhere. I suppose nobody gets that it is part and parcel of The Explanation, one of many windows into what I speculate this New Matriarchy could look like. In fact the largest section of The Explanation is dedicated to that very thing: Part Six “Stories and Works”. [had to do a Part One [Intro/Near Future] and a Part Two [Far Future] because of text limits] And there's an addendum with my early efforts in that direction: Addendum B “Tales of The VÄ“kkan Cults”.

I often feel like I'm just sitting here in the middle of the night out in Southwest Buttfuck Nowhere ranting into the empty darkness. And it's getting harder and harder to 'reset and refocus' and each time I have to do so it pushes the finish line further back until maybe it will be too late to matter anymore...which I'm sure would please some who either think I'm a just fucking loon or believe this Work to be innately evil.

I don't know what else to say....

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