Wednesday, January 12, 2011


~Slowly, but steadily, I am coming out of the 'back end' of 2010/Holiday Blues/etc'. I still haven't done anything on my New Year's Resolution, but that's a process, not an Event, and it is in my day to day consciousness.

I spent part of this last temporal increment going through my work various folders. Whenever I do so, I am always amazed by the truly vast amount of material I generate. It is ever a revelation, a state that I constantly seem to forget when I get all 'funked out'.

But before what would come after said revelation would be the despair that I'd never be able to get to all of it, which would in turn stop me from getting to any of it. However, the nature of the above Resolution will open a realistic door to my being able to bring every bloody bit of it to fruition. Huzzah!

This also got me to realize that the way to finish this particular work in progress is to sketch out a diagram of the hydropolis so as to actually see where events lead.

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