Friday, January 14, 2011

In Which Her Prophet Realizes He Is Stuck With His Present Lot

~I have speculated on the 'alternate cult scenario' before, about how it'd be easier to Bullshit With Jesus the many young males seeking a Strong Father Figure and young women seeking a 'spiritual' justification of their Psycho-Cultural Enslavement.

So, I was just in the kitchen listening to music from a virtual club Le-Le was dancing at, The Devil's Rejects. [she's bored tonight] It's the usual Satanic thrash metal with singers who sound like their genitals are having a negative interface with heavy machinery...and I had a revelation while making snarky remakes to Le-Le about the Fate of Her Eternal Soul.

The revelation was that I could not keep a straight face doing the Jesus Route. *laughs* I could fake it pretty damned good for while – come from a long line of crazy Christ lovers - but sooner or later that smart-ass son-of-a-bitch at my core would blow the deal and pretty fucking badly I reckon.

That was followed by the additional revelation that I'd do the same shit with the Satan Route as well. Both paths require an unrelenting Dire Seriousness that I am constitutionally incapable maintaining for any length of time. Enviably I would crack the metaphysical equivalent of a fart joke and the whole fucking edifice would come tumbling down, probably on top of my big stupid head.

At least The Goddess, She of The Ten Thousand Names, as many humorous and profane Aspects and those allow me be to be a Fool when such is called for, which is more often than one might think. What I call the Laugh or Die School of Metaphysics, because if you don't fucking laugh, you will surely kill yourself.

Besides, that 'unrelenting Dire Seriousness' trip is really a fucking buzzkill, man. And so it fucking is...

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