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A Follow Up On Crankiness [May. 27th, 2010 at 5:43 PM]

...reposted in response to the bullshit about 'apathy' and 'negative thinking'...

~In the wake of my
Cranky Old Man Rant of a few days ago, I feel better, which is the hoped for outcome of any heart felt rant. And, as ever, I have a bit more to say, thought it is non-rantish.

The work that we're doing here obviously involves planning for The Future. The catch is “Which Future?” Cause none of us really knows exactly how things are going to unfold. Sure, there are various trends and indicators to allow some guidance and foresight. But if I have learned anything at all from studying history, it's that there's always some Black Swan, well, swanning around out there ready to cock up all ones plans.

I also take the old military maxim 'no plan ever survives contact with the enemy' to heart and operate from the German paradigm of Auftragstaktik or "mission tactics"; training and instructing your people toward the Greater Goal as opposed to laying out a 'by the numbers it must be done this way' scenario, which usually just squanders individual initiative and intelligence without accomplishing the mission.

So, then what the hell am I prattling on about here?

In a single word; Flexibility. The Temple's plans must consider many possible Futures, ranging from Total Collapse to some form of The Singularity [both of which are reasonable though unlikely possibilities] and do so without scattering our focus and resources. That is what really keeps me up at night.

Honestly, I'd have to say
Greer's Long Descent holds the greatest possibility for The Temple's success. That would provide a measured dislocation of the Social Order that we could exploit without having to fall back on a full blown 'lifeboat situation'.

What I think is going to actually take place changes in my mind on a day to day basis. About the only consistent thought I have on the subject is that we're in for a 'rough transition'. Beyond that...? In a phrase, “Fucked if I know.”

And there ya have it....

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...yes, there are some discomforting thoughts in those pieces, but the Aware and Awake Individual does not make up metaphysical excuses to soften their harshness..that is a lie and a Spiritual for anyone who construes 'apathy' out of any of this?.. well, y'all got yer head waaaaay up yer ass...

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