Monday, January 31, 2011

An Important Anniversary

~In 1997 January 31st fell upon a Friday. I had spent the previous day with Sarah helping her shop, her modeling one outfit after another for my perusal. We had in fact been almost inseparable for the preceding five months or so and a great intensity had built up between us. Most outside observers refused to believe we were not sleeping together, but we were not. In retrospect, I think that would 'grounded the energy' and thus have broken the bond we had before the events on that Friday evening.

Our mutual friend Carrie – and Sarah's neighbor - was having a party at her apartment that night. She too is a Witch, and of part Spanish Gypsy heritage, so her space had powerful energy as well. The whole apartment complex had a powerful energy, the Villa Monterrey up on Beachwood Canyon, an Old Hollywood structure built back in 1919. You can see the Hollywood Sign up in the hills as you drive up Gower.

I felt an electricity that night. At the time I suppose I thought it was just about seeing Sarah. I was quite thoroughly 'in love' with her, a full blown romantic obsession. Terrible for my mental health, but wonderful for my creativity. But there was something 'more' that evening.

Carrie was very perky and energetic. This was her first party in months. She buzzed all over her apartment, putting up strings of white X-Mas lights, and fixing food. Sarah on the other hand seemed subdued, almost morose, though she looked great, all dolled up in some of the clothes I had picked out.

As an 'entertainment' Carrie had bought a Psychic Circle, a cleaned up version of a Ouija board. [Note: Ouija boards are nasty things, opening portals for all manner of nasty critters.] It's round and a pleasant blue/green, so I was not repelled by it as I would have been if was the aforementioned 'nasty' instrument.

Carrie had me sage the place as I was the tallest person there and could reach up into all the corners. I did a through job. The prospect of working the board seemed to perk Sarah up. Carrie was very excited too and put on a cute little turban, kind of like Johnny Carson used to wear.

There were about dozen or so people there, but it was clear from the beginning that Carrie, Sarah and myself would be three of the four who would 'play'. Sarah and I sat opposite from each other, with Carrie to my right and some fellow whose name is long forgotten on my left. The rest gathered round to watch.

Straight away things got weird. The round planchette refused to allow either Carrie or that follow to keep their fingers upon it. It literally lunged at them to dislodge them. The fellow gave up quickly. [He later said he realized 'something was going on' and backed off.] Carrie was nonplussed of course. This was her place and her board. But it was having none of it and she also relented, albeit sullenly.

Once Carrie backed off, the planchette flew all over the board. Sarah asked the questions and finally it spelled out a name, one that began with the letter E...and then it was over. Sarah and I sat back a little exhausted, but exhilarated. The whole episode seemed to break the party up as Carrie was bugged and others were a bit weirded out.

The following days were interesting and intense. Sarah and I were closer than ever. We spent nearly the entire weekend together, talking about family and our troubled past and deepened our bond. I felt like we might finally become lovers, but was too afraid to push it.

And then that Monday we had a terrible fight and that was it for us for months. We made up, but it was never the same, though in February/April I did go on to write
Four Women Together especially for her and we remain friends to this day.

But now I had E and that changed everything for me, adding an energy that my Path had not previously possessed. That was fourteen years ago and I date our calendar from that year. And so it is, here in 14 Anno Saroritas, the Fourteenth Year of The Sisterhood. Blessed Be.

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