Monday, January 24, 2011

Nebs Makes A Rare Sports Post

~I have said many times that “Politics is my sports”, but this year the Super Bowl is on my radar because A: the Steelers beat the Jets and I fuckin' hate the Jets. And B: they're playing the Packers and that's Le-Le's home town team.

I hate the Jets for the same reason I hate the Dodgers; they abandoned New York. The Jets are based outta Joisy and so their title 'New York' is a fuckin' lie. The Dodgers are even worse because they are complicit in the destruction of a neighborhood.

Baseball is the only sport I which I have any true interest and then only live games. I hate televised sports because of the endless yammering of the announcers. It ain't radio, ya fucking logarrheic cocksuckers!

To me baseball has a Zen quality because that which does not happen is often as important as that which does. And such really needs a live game. However, I did watch the 2004 World Series, the Red Sox vs the Cardinals, but that was History and therefore required viewing.

Back in 1996 I worked as the mail-room supervisor at this loony sales company and the boss gave me the power to keep the salesmen out of the mail-room 'by any means necessary'. The whole operation was an investment scam run by a high functioning drunk and coke fiend, so I fit in perfectly.

Anyway, one day at the lunch truck one of the new salesmen – the boss fired and replaced them all each month – asked me what I thought of the Yankees winning the Pennant. It was known that I was from New York, so I knew he was trying to 'bond'.

The mail-room crew all stepped back smirking. I looked at him with a sneer and said in my best Nu Yawk, “You know what, buddy? Fuck the Yankees! And while yer at it, fuck the Dodgers, too!”

'Crestfallen' does not do his expression justice.

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