Monday, January 10, 2011

In Which her Prophet Asks, “What Would Jim Jones Do?”

~Earlier today I was subjected to another 'Jim Jones' canard, though the illiterate fuck dropped the second 'J'. *sneer*

But it did get me thinking, “What would Jim Jones do?” which is pretty easy to answer; he'd drinking the mother fuckin' Flavor-Aid. To me, Brother Jim lost his shit long before Jonestown was ever founded. Such was a result of his craziness, not a cause.

So then, let's say TOP was at a point were we had a membership and resources similar to what The People's Temple had when Brother Jim actually conceived of Jonestown and Her Prophet really felt that 'the Feds are moving in'. [Trust me, I'd want some serious evidence, not just 'they're tapping the phones' etc. They're gonna do that kinda shit anyway. You just need to let your Security Services handle it and keep your nerve. This is not a game for the faint of heart.]

Well, I'd say, “Let 'em move in,” and then fight them in the Judicial System and the Court of Public Opinion. Why do you think I'm so focused on recruiting lawyers into TOP? [Learned that lesson from L. Ron!] That's also why TOP will be broken up into multiple corporations, both profit and non-profit. Corporate Personhood is the Key Weapon in American Power Politics, which is also why individuals fail at that game. The Corporation requires numbers.

And there will be hidden slush funds and sub-groups within TOP that could 'go to ground' if shit got 'police state hairy', as in Renditions, Gitmo and such. If this fat old fool needs to become a martyr, well, it's not like I'd be all that surprised. I've never expected to survive this Prophet gig anyway.

And so it is, baby....

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