Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nebs Haz Issues

~I was reading through the various news feeds with my coffee and banana just now, not 'cherry picking', but just a regular ol' scroll and I simply had to stop. I 'maxed out'. Being the long time news junkie that I am, I was not sure what to do with myself, so I decided to rant, though just a lil one.

Yes, I am Grateful that today I have good roof over my warm comfy bed and food in the fridge and loving Companionship and Internet access and a bunch of other pleasant First World amenities. However, my Gratitude is not blind.

my prediction of the increasing level of Suckage for 2011 that I got shit for a few days ago, honestly, if you can look at The Expanding Security State, the Titanic Non-Stop Greed and Malfeasance of The Financial Establishment, The Obscene Mentality of The Republic's Political Landscape, the Drastic Nature of Looming Climate Change* and the tens of millions of our fellow Americans who will never be gainfully employed ever again, if you can look at just those Domestic Issues [not even addressing Foreign Issues here] and then castigate me for being 'negative', well, you're either totally in fucking Denial or you're a right fucking moron. [being a Sunshine Nazi covers both those categories]

And if y'all have an issue with that conclusion, you can suck the steaming shit from my hairy white ass!

Now I'll go back to chipping away at
The Explanation. That is really the only thing that consistently gets me out of bed on any given day, all the nifty stuff mentioned in the second paragraph notwithstanding.

*Yeah, I know Climate Change is a Global Issue, but this is a Rant and nitpicking will be met with Hostility.

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