Monday, August 30, 2010

Today We Are Six

~There are a number of calender events that are important to The Temple.

May 27th, 1996, Memorial Day of that year, when I saw The Craft and was inspired to create the stories of the VÄ“kkan Sisterhood's Universe, the key element in leading me to the actual Craft itself and to calling myself Witch.

January 31st, 1997, the evening when the mad and lovely Sarah L held open the portal that E came through, a Being who informed me that She was now going to be my Spirit Guide and then began to tell me in no uncertain terms just how that was going to work.

Those few days in early October of 2001, their specific dates now lost to me, when E first dictated
The Pentavalent to me, the Precepts that are shaping and guiding The Temple into becoming The New Matriarchy, that Global Amazon Republic I'm so fond of promoting.

These are all important dates. But...

Today is The Most Important Date, The Temple's actual birthday, August 30th, 2004. On that day, late in the afternoon, I first set the words The Temple of The Pentavalent upon paper and then wrote a brief outline of what it could become. I still have that thin spiral notebook.

As I have said in
The Explanation, the idea for a 'house of women' had been put forth to me back in the previous March by Kat K, my oldest friend and the Sister who began this Path with me when were teenagers.

Note that I do not include my own birthday here. I am merely a vehicle for this Work. Today shall become a Festival Day, the day that celebrates not the birth of the guide, but The Birth of The Path.

Today marks The Birth of Our Future.

Note: In 2004, August 30th was the 243rd calendar day, as '04 was Leap Year. So while the present calendar is in use, we shall use 8/30, which is usually the 242nd calendar day, as The Temple's Birthday Festival.

But the calendar will change.

I do not see a Matriarchy using months named after Roman male gods and autocrats. Then, whatever day of that calendar is 243rd, that day shall be designated for The Temple's Birthday Festival. How the years themselves will be numbered remains to be seen, though I fully expect a Matriarchy will defenestrate Anno Domini as well.

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