Sunday, August 15, 2010


~I've been unable to write anything these past few days. This week just about every one of our Sisters has needed serious emotional support in one form or another and part of my job is to give as much of that as possible. It did drain me badly because there was no space to really recharge.

In that regard I do note that we are not only in the Retrograde Shadow, but the Red Letter 'unstable' days started Thursday [8/12] and continue on into the Retrograde itself this Friday [8/20] and then all the way to Sunday the 29th. [Source]

The heaviest issue was some fucking Drama from a fucking Drama Queen. I'm constrained from sharing details at the moment, except to say that it was not actually going on under this roof, but off in a virtual milieu. However that has thrown the energy off in this house.

I can say that I did not have to carry the whole load myself. Each of the Sisters in question has been giving the others support where possible. That is most gratifying and the key to our future.

I'd gotten hardly any sleep Thursday/Friday and ran around a lot on Friday. But I slept a lot the past 30 hours, three sessions of six, nine, and two hours respectively. Probably take another day or two to get back up to speed.

Okay, I just sighed with relief at being able to type all that in, disjointed as it is. I've been staring at the blank page all fucking evening. Whew!

More later...

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