Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tepid Text [x-posted from Stalkbook via Live Journal]

Okay, I'm doing this in the new FB posting window and while it appears to be a 'rich text' type, it's not really, hence the title.

~It does not support copy/pasta'd hyperlinks as actual Rich Text does.

~It does not support HTML at all. That italizing[sic?] was part of the faux 'rich text' function.

~It disables my Firerfox spell check.

~You cannot high light and drag text; you can only copy/pasta

~And the fucking 'blog link' they offer threatens to shut you down if you 'post too much'.

Really, this piece of shit window does in fact suck pus from a dead dog's ass.

Note: here I did this with LJ's Rich Text option...and it seems I did misspell 'italicizing'.

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