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"Secret Agent Barbie": The Fate of Men Part 3

...originally posted on Jan 5th, 2002...

I was in Staples, the office supply store today and I saw an interactive video game called: "Secret Agent Barbie". There, on the front of the box, was America's Little Blond Sweetheart, in a black leather cat suit, preparing to 'break into enemy headquarters'. Yes, she was smiling, but it was a decidedly cold smile, very Xenia Onotop. I was rushing, so I did not read if "Secret Agent Barbie" was authorized to "Terminate with Extreme Prejudice", but, being Barbie, who is Top Of The Line all the way, the 007 scenario is a logical conclusion. However, I would not be surprised if Mattel has ducked the issue entirely, fearing the mothers who would freak out if Barbie was allowed to kill.

But that is the key to her empowerment as "Secret Agent Barbie": The permission to kill. To deny her that power is to make a mockery of the construct. And it would re-enforce the barrier upon which all women's empowerment movements have broken: the unwillingness to accept the True Nature of Power.

You are driving down a street. Your tags are current, you have obeyed all traffic regulations, you are a law abiding citizen in all ways. Flashing red lights appear in your rear view mirror. Of course, you pull over and stop. Of course. You are a law abiding citizen. You also know that if you do not stop, even though you have done nothing wrong, the police officer is authorized to stop you be all means at his or her disposal, up to, and including 'the use of deadly force'. And that is the True Nature of Power.

All societies must have a means to enforce their laws, whether a tribal village or a global superpower. Ultimately, those means have to include 'the use of deadly force'. Optimally, the laws are just and wise and fairly applied. But there are always those who choose 'follow their own law as it suits them'. Even if they commit offenses that would only bring imprisonment, if the society is unwilling or incapable of using force to bring them to justice, then 'justice' is hollow. At the very least, 'the threat of deadly force' is required to bring order. Otherwise, chaos and destruction ensue.

Woman is Mother, Nurturer, The Vessel of Life. She splits open her own body to bring forth new life, clutching that life to her, feeding it from her body. It is a connection, a bonding, that even the most loving and devoted father can only mimic. And Patriarchy has learned how to use that against Women. By re-enforcing all the 'Feminine i.e. nurturing, etc.' Aspects of Women, and striping away all the 'Masculine i.e. aggressive, etc' Aspects of Women, Patriarchy has created an Internal Slave 'aspect' that Women use to hold themselves down. "Good Girlism" is one manifestation of that. ["Good Girls don't ~you fill in the blank~"] Another is The Myth of The Peaceful Mother.

In endless Women's Studies programs and books, you will come across the tale of an "ancient prehistoric agrarian Matriarchy" that was peaceful and benign, a Golden Age that was destroyed by marauding nomad tribes, dominated by men and who worshiped a Male Sky God, the theological 'ancestor' of God The Father. Now, there is very little evidence of this society. Mostly, its existence is extrapolated from the numerous Goddess statues of pre-historic Europe. But that it existed is taken as an Article of Faith, and the lack of evidence blamed of 'male dominated archeology'.

Sounds reasonable, knowing what men are like.

But, there is an 'inconsistence'. These same Women's Studies studiously ignore The Amazons. Oh, there is a gratuitous 'tip of the hat' to them, but, mostly, silence. The Amazons make many of these scholarly women uncomfortable because they are violent and brutal, 'masculine' qualities that women 'should reject' as 'unenlightened'.

The irony here, especially for dedicated Xenites, is that the evidence for the existence of The Amazon Nations is fairly considerable. The Pontine Amazons fought several long and bloody wars with the Greeks, who recorded them extensively. [The Pontus is the ancient name of the Black Sea.] The Amazon Nations of The Pontus were believed to originally come from an Amazon Navel Confederacy that flourished in the Canary Islands in pre-historic times. There is little real evidence of them, however.

But the Pontine Amazons are part and parcel of ancient Greek history. Up until the end of the 19th Century, Troy was considered to be myth. But, there is in fact a city on the site. Several cities, built one upon the other. And during the Trojan War, a large contingent of Amazons fought alongside the Trojans against the Greeks. In fact, the story of Theseus ends with his defeat of a great Amazon army at the base of the Parthenon, which is supposedly what finally broke the power of The Pontine Amazons.

Greek history and 'legend' is populated not only with the names of Amazon Queens and Nations,complete with geographical specifics, but also with the names of Amazon warriors, formidable opponents, who obviously terrified the Greek kings and warriors. During the Trojan War, Achilles was so fearful of his Amazon opponent Penthesilea, that after he defeated her in battle and slew her, he raped her dead body to demonstrate his power over, and unrequited lust for, her.

One Greek state, Sparta, copied the Amazon system of government. The Amazons had two Queens, one was the 'civil' Queen who was responsible for 'domestic' policy. The other was a 'war' Queen, who was responsible for the preparing for, and the waging of, war. Being surround by male dominated kingdoms, she was usually kept very busy.

In the end, I believe it was biology that brought down The Amazon Nations. Not the 'weaker sex' argument, but the need for men to reproduce. [A need that modern genetic engineering will soon eliminate.] The Amazons tried several different approaches. raiding for males, 'sex' festivals on the borders to get pregnant, girl babies being kept, boy babies returned to the male kingdom. But, you can see that there is still dependence.

So, you say, this is a very lovely tale, but what is your point? It is that barrier I spoke of, the one that Women crash and burn against throughout history: the unwillingness to be Violent, which denies Women True Power. Do really think, My Sisters, that my brothers are going to give up Power to you just because it is 'the right thing to do'? If any of you do, at best, you are fooling yourself. At worst, you are betraying your Daughters. The only successful 'women's movements' in history were the one's that were willing to 'use deadly force'.

If you want to be truly free, then you had better be prepared to fight. And to kill, as well. Begin by picking up weapons. Learn to shoot: hand guns, assault rifles, swords, the various martial arts weapons like nun-chuks and tonfas. And learn to fight with your body: kick boxing, kung-fu, karate, and so on. Most of all, cultivate the willingness to use all of these weapons to the 'ultimate': the killing of another human being. If you can truly obtain that willingness, you probable will never have to use it. If you can not, stay home and bake cookies.

As a race, we are approaching an 'endgame'. Overpopulation is strangling us in many ways. And there are only two solutions to overpopulation.

One, a catastrophic event that causes a Major Die Off.

Two, the world's women gaining Absolute Sovereignty over their own bodies. And that requires True Power. A man cannot force you to do anything if he is dead.

In closing, I propose a bumper sticker: "Let Barbie Kill". It will be the beginning of a wonderful new world for Women.

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