Sunday, November 20, 2011

Relax or Die

~Today I really need to just fucking fuck off. I pushed a little too hard yesterday. The library and the store were just about the limits of my strength. But I then forced myself to write that last Her Prophet post and that fucking fried me.

Some Trolls have called me lazy, but truth is I'm fucking Obsessive and with certain things I will push until I crash. With the aforementioned post, I felt compelled to 'wrap things up'. Even when I lay down, the fucking thing was scrolling in my head until I Faced The Page and 'expelled' it.

It's actually really hard to me to chill out, especially when it comes to writing. I'm like, “Okay, chill on The Explanation.” ~pause~ “Hey, pull the Toshiboy outta the closet and start typing!!” *sigh*

I got books and Crime Drama stacked up...and now that I'm supposed to relax, I can't.

Eh, fuck me....

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