Saturday, November 5, 2011


~Still a bit wrung out from running around today, but not too badly. Had gotten plenty of sleep in the lead up.

The nurse-practitioner I saw today up at Rural Health told me that if I lost 30+lbs there's a good chance I could get off of my Beetus meds...which brought up all my 'exercise issues'. Getting started. [stuck] The state of the house. [a total mess] Creating a space. [see previous] And so on...

I've been a Yogi [one who does Yoga] on and off since 1975. I've had periods when I've done my asanas every day for years. Probably why I'm even in the shape I'm in now. And when I was homeless I lost them. Started up again at Sixth Street, but then filled the place up and lost them again.

And this joint is worse. Ya got two old gimps on Disability with depressive issues who jammed two and half households worth of shit into one house. *sigh* It's a textbook case of Clutter Overwhelm.

Goddess has provided us with Sister T. She's not in great shape herself, but she's a Compulsive Anger Cleaner and lately she's had buckets of fucking aggro, so she's been tearing through the place. I have enough 'umph' to do so more in her wake and keep up what she has done. That I'm pretty good at. Give me a working system and I'll maintain it. Double Virgo, ya know.

From this set of circumstances I think one can see why I sometimes despair over the whole Her Prophet thing. How am I supposed to change the entire world when I can't even clean the house? Of course that's why I'm constantly braying for your help, my Sisters. *brays some more*

And there ya have it...

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