Wednesday, September 21, 2011


~Some days I miss New York. Some days I miss LA, too. But I'm not sure if I could really live for any length of time in either of those places anymore. I've become happily used to the quiet of the High Desert. Even here in the middle of a mobile home park, it is a lot quieter than at my lovely Section 8 one bedroom on 6th Street in Santa Monica, which was the nicest place that was 'just mine' that I've ever had.

I suppose with a substantial amount of money I could 'make do'. I grew up in a five story brownstone on Manhattan's East Side and it was very comfy and pretty quiet, too. Of course, the family owned the whole thing. And Hotel Hell, the Rent's sixteen room house in Beverly Hills was [is] comfy and quiet – except when there was screaming and such.

But I cannot really project that I'll be able to deploy that kind of bread just for myself even if The Temple becomes a Big Deal. The Sisterhood will always have to come first. And I suppose that's okay. I can always visit.

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